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Car vs. Bike Comparison (part 2)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by boz, Sep 20, 2005.

  1. I am sure many of you have read about the 'revenge of the tintops' in the latest issue of AMCN. Well, this revenge was supposed to happen this past weekend at Queensland raceway during the lunch break for the Aus superbikes. The result - bike won:

    (from www.mcnews.com.au-sunday transcript"1317 - The hot Porsche versus Robbie Bugden on a standard R1 hot lap challenge just ended with Bugden and the R1 taking the win by 3.8 seconds over the two laps. Robbie's best lap was a 1m16.2 while Luff in the souped up Porsche managed a best of 1m17.8"

    The porsche - apparently a better version of the one used previously (instead of costing $350k it was $510k, and had 600 hp instead of 350 hp, with upgraded suspension and the like - it was a pure track car). The bike - a stock R1, even running on treaded tires. Admittedly they had Robbie Bugden on the bike who was having a good weekend racing on his superbike, so he would be used to the track. But then again, the porsche driver was a race-car driver (both times) so perhaps the driver/rider skill should be left out of the equation... or so they would say.

    I am sure in the upcoming AMCN issue they will talk about this.

  2. I've got the popcorn, hot and buttered!!!!

    Go the R1 ~~~~!!!!!!!
  3. yay for the two wheels!!!!!
  4. i really wouldnt have guessed that, a 510k machine still couldnt win :LOL:
  5. Mwahahahha .. Marty H .. mwahahahahah .. Marty H ... mwahahahahah
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    Oooh, I'm going to cop it for this :)
  6. never stopped you before :shock: :D :wink:
  7. Queensland raceway is mostly tight corners and straights. There was no way a car was going to win... Not enough accelleration. I reckon the bike guys should have gone all out to embarrass the cage fraturnity.

    Hmmm... what's the oldest, cheapest bucket of shite we can run that will still beag the half mill cage :-k

    CB900 Rolladoor?

    First model GSXR1100?

    Kwakka GPZ900R?
  8. Dont you mean you've just been handed your own ass on a plate and dont want to eat any more? :p
  9. Actually tight corners suit cars better than bikes,they can carry better corner speed than us :(

    Not enough acceleration?the Gemballa Porsche pulls low 11 sec 1/4 miles,pretty good for a cage 8)
  10. Tight corners suit the car yes, but not the long straights that link them. At least that's the rationale that AMCN gave for selecting Wakefield as the most level playing field for the first comparo. The straight is relatively short and this minimises the bike's accelleration edge.
    AMCN V55 No1 p. 34

    And given the R1 won by 3.8 secs at the short Queensland Raceway (the GSXRK5 only beat the cheaper Porch by a little over 1 sec) I'd still like to know which would be the oldest cheapest bike capable of beating the more expensive car's time at QR.
  11. I wish someone would run a more realistic test and find out just how fast a bike you would need to beat the average SS Commodore or WRX.
  12. So, they now need to do the same comparo at Phillip Island so there's nobody that can claim that the track was better suited to the car/bike.
  13. that katan should do the trick jd :LOL:
  14. yeah, i would have thought that a 500hp porche should be able to at least match wits with an R1 in terms of acceleration :? thats a lot of ponies, a lot of tyre and not a huge amount of car....

    cages just suck eh :LOL:
  15. I certainly try :D Little lacking in top speed though. I've also found that my MR2 accelerates a lot quicker from 100kph (brakes and corners faster too).
  16. A well tuned 250 4 stroke oughta do it. ;) Although that really depends on where your going to be putting it to the test. I know with the sprocket change, my little FZR will out gun most tin tops off the line and to 100.

    For safe measure, i'd say something like a RVF400 would make mince meat out of most of the moderately powered cars on the roads today.
  17. Better off using an older well-tuned RD400 Yamaha - rub it in nicely to the cage driver that his precious Commode was beaten by a 20yr old bike... :LOL: :LOL:
  18. Back in 81' I raced a 'Whale Tail' Porche RS Carerra for 3 laps of Brands Hatch on a club 'tuning day'. I was on a stock RD250LC. The timekeeping was buggered up by the drongo doing it, but I reckon I beat the cage by about 1/4 lap. About an hour later he tried it again with a bloke on a 900SS Duke. Never did find out the result of that one as the yuppie cage driver threw it into the wall on the second lap.