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Car versus Bike Comparison

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jd, Jul 20, 2005.

  1. The latest issue of Motor magazine has an interesting article this month comparing the performance of a suzuki gsx1000 against a 911 porsche (article also appears in Australian Motor Cycle News). Definately makes for an interesting read as the final outcome is fairly close with the Porsche having some definate advantages, even if its optional brakes do cost more than the whole bike.

  2. Advantages? What like the ability to get smoked by the bike?
  3. No, like the ability to outcorner and outbrake the bike which only won by a small margin thanks to its better acceleration.
  4. huh???
    sure sounds like the comparo that was in AMCN 2 editions ago
    why would you reprint in MOTOR? to sell more car mags I guess :p
  5. I guess the bike gives more bang for your buck. :wink:
  6. hell you could buy four and strap them together with gaffa tape
  7. and cable ties, cable ties are for structural integrity, tape is for wind resistance :D
  8. It's in the current edition of AMCN, and they're different articles. The one in AMCN was written by Sam McLachlan, the one in Motor by a car journo.

    I don't care which vehicle "won" - I just want a job where that's a day at the office!
  9. You needed a magazine to tell you that? Its pretty well known that cars out corner, and outbrake bikes. It all comes down to contact patch.

    Take them to a faster circut like PI or EC and it wont be a "small margin", it'll be a schlacking. Theres 2 tracks id give a car a hope in hell of matching/beating a bike, and one of them is wakefield, the other being winton.
  10. and cable ties, cable ties are for structural integrity, tape is for wind resistance :D[/quote]

    Cable ties??? Ask Sobil, he's the MASTER of cable ties!!!
  11. like to see a porshe pop a wheelie at 100kph :D
  12. I found a very interesting article given the bike journo's comments that he didn't have a similar level of racing expertise compared with the porsche driver and the similar mid-corner speeds listed around the circuit. The gixxer made it all up and put a second on the car down the straight alone...
  13. The test was the same one and was reported in both magazines as I understand it. Both drew different conclusions as you would expect, but Wakefield was probably a little flattering for the bike as it did gain most of the lap time between turn 10 and the finish line, as you would expect. I would think at a faster circuit, the car would be at an advantage, as has been mentioned already.
  14. But the Wakefield straight is not even 400m long, and you swing onto it from an over-90-degree right-hander which, on anything bigger than a 400, is firmly a first-gear corner. On a GSX-R1000, you'd pile in on the brakes, tippie-toe through, then have to fight wheelies for about the first quarter of the straight.

    While all this is going on, the Porsche has used its ABS on the entry and its 4WD on the way through and out.

    Apart from that, you've got the Cauldron, which is just barely a second-gear corner on a big bike, which has a downhill entry and which is, again, over 90 degrees. Another place where the car's braking and powersteering advantage can come through.

    The bike_might_have the edge on the run up the hill out of turn 2 as it could straightline the turn 3-4 complex before slamming it onto the right side for the 5-6-7 complex.

    Only if the car has a comprehensive aero package; the more open the corners, the easier it is for the bike to assert its power-to-weight advantage over the car's intrinsic lateral grip and stability.

    At Phillip Island, the lap records in a few of the sportscar classes are held by Carrera GT2 and GT3 in the range of high minute-37's) to minute-40 flat. Figure that the slick tyres and the race-spec suspension and brakes those cars run are worth about 4 to 5 seconds a lap, so, take those away, the cars are back among the more mental A-group track day punters.

    Back in the day, Adam Fergusson got a stock GSX-R1000K2, on BT010's, down to, I think, 1:40 or 1:41 at an AMCN group test.
  15. Not always. Maybe a very high end car like a porsche. However i've seen a comapro done against a VW GTI i think it was and a K3 GSXR1000. The VW GTI had 18 inch wheel, low profile sticky rubber, massive Calipers, ABS and EBD. The both speed up to equal speed and then braked as hard as possible. The results were pretty surprising.

    Now alot people think cars brake Faster then Bikes. This is true. However what this comparo showed was that the bike brakes in a SHORTER DISTANCE. Yes it took longer to stop but it did so in a SHORTER DISTANCE. This might seem odd but it all comes down to braking dynamics The margin was only like 1-2metres and about 1 second i think. Makes for quite an interesting read.
  16. A little flattering? The GSXR never got out of 3rd gear. That hadly allows it too using its strengths to really hit home its advantage. Lets see them at PI where the GSXR will be pulling 280 by the end of the front straight and where there are fast flowing corners where the GSXR can match the corner speed of the porsche and it will become even more embarrasing for the prorsche.
  17. Sorry, Cowboy, but I'm afraid Marty is right. Cars build up speed more slowly than bikes, but can go through fast corners faster cos they have a bigger contact patch and can generate mugh higher cornering forces. As the accompanying lap times show, it wouldn't matter whether the bike is able to use some gears or all, the car will beat the bike on a fast circuit.
  18. Despite the car, in this test, being able to outcorner and outbrake the bike, Sam MacLachlin (sp?) clearly states that he is no Troy Corser and the 911 was driven by a professional race driver. The bike still won by three seconds on overall lap time. Sam says that with someone like Corser on board the bike would have been able to carry far greater corner speed that it did when he was riding it.
    The bike is probably capable of beating the 911 by over 10 secs a lap.
    One of the comments also made, was that for $350K Porsche 911 there was no bariable suspension...:LOL: