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car v bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by dgmeister, Sep 13, 2012.

  1. just for shits and giggles, what would be the cheapest production car (or easily modified) that could seriously compete with a modern 600 supersport bike in drags, and also track times.

    i was thinking a nissan skyline.. that would run over $100,000 new

    although i haven't seen that episode of top gear where the stock BMW1000RR beats every car on the board, imagine clarkson's face

    we can at least talk 0-100 times though
  2. A PRB Clubman fitted with a Toyota 3SGE engine is faster than a 600cc bike. I know because I chatted to the owner of one, who had a son who raced in the 600cc supersports class and they'd compared lap times at various circuits.

    Pricewise you're looking at around $25,000-30,000 2nd hand. Or if you want new you're looking at around 90k for a Caterham (PRBs are currently sold out so not sure on their new price).

    Edit: In terms of straight drag racing just shove a supercharged V8 into the smallest car possible.
  3. If it is going to accelerate like a 600, it will destroy the 600 on a track.
  4. Ford FG turbo with less than 10k spent on it will beat a new 600over the 1/4 mile

    Mine had 3.5k on an otherwise stock car and ran an 11.6 (same night 2 bikes 1000cc track bike and 600cc road bike were running high 11's cos it was very cold and their balls weren't so large) I'd have gone 11.2 after I had the trans tuned, but that pushes it to 4k

    High flow turbo or F6 turbo 4" exhaust run E85 and smash in the boost and guys are running easy relaible mid 10's in an otherwise everyday car... You can do all this for under 10k on a second hand car you can get for under 30k! And they are very streetable, forget cammed 8's.

    Forget going around corners though, these are straight line jets...

    Then there are some with 20k spent on them... The made me and my not so fast low 11 sec car seem like a postie bike vs a busa...

    There's tons of mega fast street cars out there, but they won't hook up on the street...

    I know of a late model turbo that's beaten a few 1000cc bikes, but only from a Roll on well over 100km/h and on drag radials, but we're talking 600+rwkw here

    Thing is here, bang for your buck, nothing gets near a bike, nothing! And nothing this side of a Veyron comes close to a stock 1000...
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  5. This. The arrow kits are around 15k, so probably 50k by the time it's operational. Not sure whether the arrow or prb is the technically superior.
  6. Again, give any half worked clubman a spin. Or even the car that is just a tubular chassis with wheels. Completely forget the name atm for some reason.
  7. Unless you remove the requirement to be road registerable.

    I've seen F4000 series cars (edit which is a Reynard 91D chassis with a 3.8L Commodore V6) sell used for less than 50k, and yet these are capable of faster lap times than MotoGP.
  8. Can I drive/ride one of them for 10k without a service and go to the shops in the rain to get milk in one?

    I was talking about road reg vehicles

    A go kart would give a bike a decent run around a tight circuit those 250cc internationals or whatever they are, they mega fast and can be had cheap 2nd hand
  9. In which case they're all limited by the speed limit and the hoon laws on excessive acceleration :p.
  10. Atom? The V8 model Atom would get the jump on a 1000cc Supersport. They're 2 seconds flat to 100km/h. Don't know much about what happens after that.

    That being said, what's the point. It's road legal but you've thrown away every feature that makes a car beneficial over a bike. No storage, no luxuries, no roof, no windows. It's just about performance. Might as well have the bike and be done with.
  11. You could equally argue what's the point of a GSXR. A maxi scooter offers a lot more luxuries and storage space.
  12. i have to say my R6 is mighty impressively lethal
    it feels illegal... actually it is
    and for only $5000

    feels good kaning past porsches you boxster biatch!

    the 600 is insane,
    i have not ridden a 1000 but the 1000 would be more insane than hitler
  13. Sure he wasn't talking about his daughter? Sounds a lot like my dad and my sister there.
  14. As long as you don't then hold them up through the corners. I hate when bikes do that to me when I'm driving (or riding for that matter).

    Is she hot? (sorry, had to be said :LOL:).
    Pretty sure he was talking about a son, but maybe my memory's not so great. It was 6 years ago, this much I do know as I found a photo I took of the engine (since it's the same as what's in my car). Don't seem to have taken a pic of the car though, but then the engine is probably more distinctive (especially with the way the top of the engine has been machined down)

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  16. This is exactly the point behind having the GSXR. 8-[

    Do you like to scoota?
  17. It's all bollocks anyway. Even a relatively slow bike feels faster than even a quick car (except maybe the fairly raw clubmans). Unless you're actually competing on a track (or illegally on the road) or an obsessive stopwatch watcher, it's the sensations that count, not tenths of a second at Phillip Island.

    There's not many traffic free roads anymore either. Mix in some traffic and a bike will whup a car much of the time, simply because it requires less room.
  18. So a GSXR is better than a scooter because it has better performance, even though it loses practicality.

    But an Ariel atom is not better than a GSXR even though it has better performance, because it loses practicality.

  19. Same time period, but it's not my old man's car. Funny, he and my sister (who is pretty quick) would often compare times at Wakefield Park and Eastern Creek etc.