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Car tyre for my SR....

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by mattb, Jul 30, 2009.

  1. Can anybody recommend a good car tyre for the rear wheel of my SR500? (Usual tyre 4.00-18 ; rim 2.15-18, not tubeless)

  2. Joining the Darkside hey? Can't help with that, but I'm curious to know how it goes!
  3. Not on a skinny bike like the SR....I have other plans afoot! :wink:
  4. Ah the sidecar thing! Got it.
  5. Takin' it to the next level! :grin:
  6. Found these guys, in Melbourne http://www.antiquetyres.com.au/brand/vintage-motorcycle?page=2 Otherwise, looking to off-road tyres....or just finding a very cheap tyre to replace four times a year at least! (assuming it I continue to ride the GR a lot, otherwise....don't look for tread on my rear :))

    No car tyres, it seems....


    Here's their reply to my email - great prices!

    "We have a few tyres available for your motorcycle/side car, the one we
    would recommend is the Metzler 400-18 rear tyre @ $145.00 we have one in stock, the other alternative is the Avon 400-18 rear tyre @ $185.00 also
    available ex stock."

    Further UPDATE:

    More info in case somebody searches this thread in future with the same question: this email from Pablo's Motorcycle Tyres in Melbourne: "Metzeler do a K-Block 4.00-18 sidecar rear which would be ideal for $159."