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Car turned into me on High Street Road

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by penguinboy08, Jul 27, 2013.

  1. After 5 months of riding, I had my first ever incident on the roads yesterday.

    I'm writing this to share my experience and record all the events that occurred.

    Driver merged into me. Bike's a write off. I'm OK. The driver is lying about what happened.

    At around 12:45pm on the 26th of July

    Riding east on High Street road, intending on turning right on Warrigal road.

    The right turning lane starts as one lane, then splits into 2.

    See: https://maps.google.com.au/?ll=-37.865598,145.092102&spn=0.000906,0.001737&t=h&z=20

    I enter the right hand turning lane, and continue on to the further right hand lane.

    A 2009 Volvo sedan driver is in the left most right turning lane and is about half a car length ahead of me.

    He begins to brake slowly as we are approaching the red light at the intersection.

    Suddenly, and without indication, he merges into my lane just as I'm next to his front-right fender.

    My horrible illustration to help explain the event (Green is me, blue is the car):

    There was no time to react. I saw his wheels turn right, and then I woke up on the road. I was very concussed and I attempted to walk over to the south side of High Street, however it was more like a drunken stager and my knees kept giving out.

    A van driver pulled over and told me to sit down. I did so, but then I saw my bike lying in the middle of the road and thought I should move it. The van driver stops me, and sits me down again.

    At this point a woman who had been walking down from the KFC at that time ran up to me and asked if I was alright. She said she saw the whole thing. I took down her phone number.

    Another witness turns up, he saw everything from the point of impact.

    Here's my impact on the car:

    Now it's 12:55pm

    I call 000, tell them I've been in an accident. Ambulance come and the police come. I'm taken in the ambulance and checked out. Had no idea what month it was.

    I tell the ambos to watch my heart rate as I call my mum to tell her what's happened. They chuckle as it spikes.

    Unfortunately, the female witness that saw everything left before the police came.

    Couple hours later

    I've recovered a bit, head was still a little foggy. Working with the RACV to get a claim lodged. The bike was insured under a third party policy, so I'm relying on the other party being found at fault.

    During my talks with the RACV they express their frustrations with getting information out of the other driver. His english skills are almost nonexistent, and they tell me all they could get out of the driver at first was "He hit me, he hit me".

    Over the next hour the driver tells 2 different stories.

    Story 1:
    He was in the right most lane. I overtook him on the opposite side of the road, and then merged into him.

    Story 2:
    He was turning right into KFC (over a solid white line), and I tried to overtake him on the opposite side of the road.

    I don't want this guy to get away with putting my life in danger. I'm trying my best to ensure that he is held accountable for causing the incident.

    The bike

    I just heard this morning that the bike is a complete write-off. This is not unexpected, as you'll see in the photos.

    Fairings broken. You can also see my radiator fluid leaking out.

    Cluster ripped around the bike.

    Total damage:
    • Frame bent
    • Radiator extremely damaged
    • Fairings ripped off and hanging
    • Cluster over to the left
    • Gear shifter sitting where my pegs should
    • Left foot peg bent

    Lessons learnt

    I've been mulling over in my head what I could have done to prevent this incident. Couple thoughts:

    • If I had been positioned further to the right of my lane I may have had time to avoid him. But the would have put me into the opposite lane.
    • If I had sat behind him, waited until he was fully stopped, and then filtered to the front, the whole thing could have been avoided.

    Thanks for reading guys.
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  2. Nasty one! Good to hear you are relatively ok. Bike can be replaced.

    It's a difficult situation for sure if he is going to lie his way through it. That he has 2 different stories says a bit. Having the phone number of the witness was a good move.

    Hope it works out for you.
  3. That's a nasty one ... hope you heal up ok.

    On looking at your google map reference the driver could well have been turning into the house rather than KFC? Probably been doing it for yonks which is why he's lying his arse off.

    So hard to predict idiot moves like that because they aren't looking for you ... they are looking out for the cops so they don't get caught.
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    Wow mate sorry to hear. Glad you more or less got out okay. Hope everything goes well and that you're on 2 wheels again soon (if your mum lets you that is haha, I still haven't told my mum about my crash....)

  5. There are many threads about drivers doing similar as they just don't look carefully enough. In most cases those same drivers do it to other cars also and may or may not have gotten away with it. I don't feel that drivers usually do it wilfully to bikes but are just inconsiderate to all especially to bikes. Good to hear you are OK and I am sure things will work out OK also. Dammed inconvenient though.
  6. I had a bingle in my cage very similar to this a few years back. The idiot in the car that hit me told lies to the insurance company to the point that his own insurance company rang me to apologise for the crap I was being told and that they knew he was full of shit and his insurance would cover my damage but not his own for falsifying his story!!!

    When they rang me and told me the story he had come up with I was furious! He tried to say that his car was actually where mine was during the accident and vice versa with my car, what he failed to take into account was the fact the damage wouldn't make sense as my car was damaged on the left side and his the right side! Fricken dumb shit probably won't get insurance ever again for lying in a legal matter.

    I'm glad you had witness's mate, it should surely help you get your bike and gear replace! Especially your damaged helmet!!
  7. Accidentally denting another car and trying to lie your way out of it = douche
    Almost killing someone and trying to lie your way out of it = someone with no morals and conscience
    What else would they be willing to do... is this the type of person that would drive-off if no-one was there leaving you for dead... who knows...
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  8. For anyone who missed it. Volvo driver.
  9. fixed :)

    but glad youre OK mate.
  10. Great news guys! The police contacted the first witness, who confirmed how the whole thing went down.

    They're now charging the driver (I'm assuming with careless driving), and notifying the insurance company that he was at fault!!!

    Does anyone know where I can find out how my gear will be valued? I was wearing 2 piece leathers, boots, and gloves that I only bought about 5 months ago.

    This is great news, as I'm moving to sydney in about 2 weeks. Not having to worry about proving my innocence whilst moving takes a lot off my mind.

    Now everyone I know is trying to convince me not to get another bike...
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    You will definitely need another bike as Sydney has some very good riding close by! It would be a shame to miss out on all of that. Don't let the haters talk you out of it.
    The gear is worth what it will cost to replace I believe. Unless the insurance co thinks it can send the leathers off to a panel beater for repair! LOL
  12. That's great news mate, hope you are back on the road soon.

    Cheers Jeremy
  13. Good news. Glad it worked out.
    Do you have receipts for your gear or maybe an account statement or transaction record?
    You might need to do some hunting online for the items at replacement cost.
  14. check what cover you have with your insurance on the bike. if you have none for gear, tell RACV that you wish to include your gear and include it in their claim for the bike damage on the tp driver. They will then include it as a demand against the the other party as well as the damage to the bike.
  15. You forgot no inglish,unbloody believable and they drive as well and cant read.
  16. Good outcome about the insurance.

    I was going to say, just stick to your story. I've hit a car, in my 4WD, who pulled out directly into my path. She lied about her story, but a clearly drawn diagram, faxed to the insurance company sorted it all out!:)

    With regards to what you could have done differently, just be aware that cars don't expect a bike to have zipped past them, so when they enter the turning lane with two lanes to choose from, they 'presume' they are front of the queue, and can slide into either, often without a head check. Either be assertive, and pass them quickly, or drop back to see what they are about to do, but never ride along side.
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  17. That is just up the road from me. There are 2 right turn lanes onto warrigal road. Volvo in the left is st fault as he merged across to turn into KFC.
  18. Can't see how you did any thing wrong.
    Although, you may think now...had I done this, or had I done that, I might not have been hit.
    All of this falls into the catagory of "if ya mother had balls, she'd have been your father"

    Be more vigilant...ride more defensively, and and assume that they will...instead of assuming that they probably won't. (A common fault of many riders)

    To the broader group, who seems to have this happen to them...
    Be more assertive, and highly defined in your actions. Exude a manner of cool efficiency...this gets attention, and does make a difference to how you are perceived by drivers.
    ( If I find myself in a position where I need to eyeball someone, they can see by my body language and purposeful gaze drilling a hole in their head, that it could be unwise to fek me around..
    STOP...I did not tell you to be a prick on the road...in fact, good manners will be seen by all, even if the few involved don't give a crap.
    What you are doing is creating a "perception" in drivers minds that you are purposeful, are making your way through traffic, courteously with respect and consideration....and that stuffing you around will be a rude interuption to your progress.

    Of course...there is that 'one'...doesn't give a crap about you and will give you absolutely nothing. It's time for 'The Gaze of Death'. if THAT doesn't work, it's time to take off, get well away from that tosser by filtering or splitting far enough ahead, that he can no longer effect you....(You can't be on a bike and win an argument with a car)
    If some big mouth proffesses to have done so, then they got lucky or it was someone like a little old lady, that is easily intimidated - feel free to call bullshiiit...and give him a close up view of your helment, for scaring someone who might be MY mother.

    If you commute...you must pay alot of attention to how others perceive you to be. They probably see you regularly...so if you're a prick...their turn to put you in your place, will come.

    Perception...think about it....what image do 'you' project?
    That's a rhetorical question...don't answer...just think.
    Also - what you project, is typically what you get back.
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  19. Hey man, sorry I didn't see this earlier I could have helped out from the inside lol (I work for IAG/RACV/NRMA/SGIO/SGIC/Swann)
    One key thing your awsomely lucky to get is witnesses... without them this would be an EBO claim so you'd be sore & down your excess.
    For your gear you want pics of the damaged stuff clearly showing what it is & get a few quotes done at a few shops.
    Any further help you need sing out
  20. glad you're alright and that the other fcukwit will be getting his just deserts hope you back on two wheels sooner rather than later :)