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Car trouble

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Seany, Jun 18, 2007.

  1. A man was driving down a country road, when his car suddenly came to a halt. He was no mechanic, but he thought he owed it to himself to at least lift the bonnet and see if the problem was obvious.

    As he looked at the engine with no apparent damage, he heard a voice saying "The lead has come out of the distributor cap." He turned around and to his amazement there was no-one there but a horse peering over the barbed wire fence at the car. He felt embarrassed to talk to the horse, but was sure it was the horse that had spoken. "Did you say something?" he asked. "Yes, I said put the black lead back into the middle of the distributor and it should start again" said the horse. Sure enough he did as he was told and the car started immediately. He thanked the horse and drove off amazed at his experience.

    He felt he had to tell someone, so he stopped at a pub about two miles up the road, ordered a pint and told the barman what had happened. "Was it a big black horse?" said the barman. "Yes" said the motorist. " Well you were bloody lucky" said the barman, "because sometimes they put a big white one in that field and he knows nothing about cars" :LOL:
  2. :shock:

    Can we get a Bad Joke Award going?

    That was shite! :LOL: :p
  3. I liked it

  4. I laughed myself ho(a)rse :LOL:
  5. That did stirrup a couple of laughs for me, but perhaps you may think me a little foalish. :LOL:
  6. Well, unlike lots of Netrider jokes, at least that one was stable......
  7. ah...come on, not the puns again! Try to rein yourselves in a bit people! :LOL:
  8. hehe I only laughed until I read all the bad puns.
    YOU GUYS ARE SICK :LOL: :LOL: (or am I sick for laughing :roll: ?)
  9. You can try asking them to stop but it's a bit like beating a dead.............ah bugger it. :LOL:
  10. :shock: :shock:

    I'm pretty sure that contravenes several sections of the Crimes Act.
  11. :rofl: