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Car Stuck On Wrb

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mike89, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. (n) What hope do we have when you see shit like this:


    Looks like (s)he's gone over it at the start and travelled on top of it for a good 100 metres or so. :facepalm:

    (Exit you can see on the left is Springvale road, picture is inbound on the Monash)
  2. wtf?????? how the hell did that happen.
  3. well it is a 4wd so whats the prob
  4. No number plate? Tipping it's been knocked off if that's the case.
    I'd be more pissed off with that truck in the right lane!
  5. Yeah finally nice to see a city 4WD doing something a little adventurous ;)

    The first poles (the lower ones) are all flattened so I'm guessing they were a bit all over the place and ended up clipping it where it started and just getting stuck on for the ride (would've been scary as shit, there's legitimately 100+ metres of crushed WRB there).

    I always see 4WDs swerving all over the place between right lane and emergency lane, hopefully a few of them will notice this and get off their fcuking phones (or even iPads :banghead:)
  6. They're just flossing the underbody. It's the only way to get those hard to reach bits of dirt.
  7. I can hear them telling us now that it did it's job just fine - brought the vehicle to a relatively safe stop. And you know what - they might be right.
  8. Or the driver was pissed and the po-po removed the plates upon arriving to find an idiot caught on the wire. Pure speculation of course.
  9. The main reason I was so surprised Titus is I've never really seen one get crashed into and stay up... usually just completely destroyed sections (which get fixed only slightly more often as our potholes do...).

    I can't imagine what it's done to the underside of the car though... one thing I thought was it's lucky the petrol tank didn't rupture... I imagine there would've been a hell of a lot of sparks!

    I was curious about the lack of plate too... was thinking if I was stupid enough to do it i'd probably take my plate too! I'll keep an eye out on the way home, see if the front has one.

    Truck in the right lane sucks, but par for the course on the Monash :(
  10. I saw this on the way in, no plate on the front and looking at the damage to the rail he/she was riding it for quite a while.

    Front end gone, looks like it's managed to bend the front of the frame quite a bit. Oil/coolant pool underneath it
  11. Jebus.. that took some driving skills... o_O
  12. Why would they remove them?
  13. it was probably a sneaky speed camera thinking this would be a good place to pull up and book some poor bastards doing a few kays over;)
  14. My money is on the driver being a rider who tried to filter past the truck.
  15. well fcuk
  16. Po Po only take plates when the car is unregistered. Removing plates is stupid, they'll just run the VIN and find you.
  17. maybe they removed the plates to prevent someone stealing them?
  18. I don't know exactly why they do it, but I've seen cars with plates removed at several booze bus locations.
  19. I doubt it. Might slightly melt or erode the steel or whatever other metal is there but overall I'd be surprised. Steel slides against steel without too much trouble.
    I reckon so too.
  20. They remove them if the car is unregistered, might be other reasons too.