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Car Sickness

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by YamahaWoman, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. I never used to have a problem with car sickness, but in the past couple of months and more so lately I can't be a passenger in a car without feeling sick. If I'm the one driving it doesn't happen. It's mainly been since I've had my bike... oh well, looks like I'll have to ride more. Am I the only one around here who developed car sickness after getting into riding?

  2. I know quite a few people who became allergic to passengering in cars after starting to ride bikes. I think it's because it makes you realise just what an utter numpty you've allowed to control your destiny.
  3. Ha ha seems like you don't trust the people driving. Your use to going where you look. Does your tummy flutter now and then with it ??
    If not get an ear checkup.
  4. I sometimes get queasy when I’m a passenger of someone I don’t trust on the road. E.g. Taxis, girlfriends mother, some friends… If someone doesn’t head check or is tailgating etc. I feel very unsafe and then sick. Interestingly enough, when I’m in the car with a mate (racing driver) who drives ‘enthusiastically’ I feel completely comfortable.

    I think it’s a trust think and a sense of safety, not a typical motion sickness issue.
  5. If I dont trust the driver I either drive or dont go.
  6. The only person I travel with in a car on is my mother, but she's a good driver. She'd certainly hear about it if she wasn't hahaha. I don't really get the fluttery feeling, just the I'm going to vomit all over your cage feeling :D
  7. If you have an inner ear bug it can cause travel sickness. Messes with your balance thus self awareness.
  8. Consider yourself lucky it's only in the car. I can make myself as crook as a dog on the bike if I press on a bit on a real tight and twisty road. Sh!ts me right up the wall. Break out in cold sweats and generally feel like sh!t. Only solution is to stop for 30 minutes or so. Anyone have any miracle cures for seasickness on a bike?
  9. Definitely get you ears checked out. Can be caused by inner ear problems. Do you wear ear plugs when you ride? Meant to, but forgot to ask you today.
  10. car seats can give you aids
  11. shame,
    recently had a (first) date, where i didnt find out she got car sick till well she started feeling queesy:( mt dandenong was a bad idea.....

    but after riding it certainly has made me feel uncomfortable to be a car passenger,
    specially when its my brother (constantly distracted by his phone, or kissing his fiance)
  12. I had this. Twice on separate occasions. Was just from riding though, not tight twisty. The worst, I had to cancel my ride and slab it bout 100km home stopping every 15 minutes to regain sanity. Hard to describe other than the most overbearing uncomfortableness, kinda like when overheating in a crowded place.
  13. Like you, I really don't like being a passenger because I often feel sick when I am. Yet, if I'm driving there's no problem. Have been that way forever though, not just since riding.
    The sick feeling disappears immediately if I switch to the drivers seat.

    As a passenger you aren't required to focus on anything in particular and I think that's what does it for me. With something to focus on I feel fine.

    The other half just thinks I'm a control freak. :driver::D
  14. I'm feeling sick just reading about people feeling sick!
  15. I get this too roarin, especially at higher speeds(on the track) and noticeably more lately on twisty roads the cold/hot sweat thing....it's shit and really starting to impact my riding :(
  16. Try ginger. It helps a lot of people (and dogs). Eat a couple of gingersnap cookies before you go.
  17. Yeah, got some dried ginger to keep in my jacket pocket, but have yet to try it out on a decent ride as yet. Read decent as really tight and twisty.
    It's not just roadies that I can turn myself green on either. Mates and I had an awesome natural terrain MotoX track that we designed with massive drop-offs and huge elevation changes that I could make myself spew on he he he. Not funny at the time though.
  18. Try and take notice of what your eyes are focusing on when you start to feel sick. Somethings probably changed with your riding style since it didn't used to happen. Your eyes and ears are sending conflicting messages about motion to your brain.
  19. Mate, you may have mild vertigo. It's a real pia!
  20. I had awful seasickness every time I went out on the water and it was nearly exactly the same as morning sickness so I had a fair bit of time to work out a solution. I tried all the natural remedies along with acupuncture type methods but I found that what I ate made a difference to how sick I got and how long I could go before I started to feel sick. Once I felt sick that was it - no going back from there unless I got off the boat (try and talk someone into going back to shore when you're 20 k's or more offshore). If I ate toast and tea (believe it or not) before I went out I could last much longer before I got sick. That was my semi remedy.

    The only thing that definitely works is drugs - not an option if you've got to ride.