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Car scrape - Help

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Geordielass, Jan 12, 2007.

  1. Hi everyone

    Know its a bit of a mad request, but I have been driving my bosses car while she is overseas with work - its a blue bmw - and her parking space at work is beside a wall...and guess what, I have slightly scraped the wheel edge thing (dont know the word) - what can I do....? Should I just polish the scratched off - or is there anythign I can do to fix it...??


  2. Tell the boss you did it he/she gets back and offer to have it fixed. Simple.
  3. Oh I'm totally gonna do that - wouldnt dream of not telling her - but would like to have had it fixed if possible before she gets back in two weeks time...so looking for some options
  4. Do you mean the wheel guard (painted section of the car) ?

    Or the metal wheel inside the tyre itself?
    ((presuming it has alloy wheels rather than official, precision German engineered, genuine BMW hubcaps :p))

    Paintwork can be matched and touched up easily.
    Ring a Toyota/Lexus/BMW dealership and ask them who they get to fix scratches and hail damage on their stock cars.

    They will use the BEST person in town.

    If it's the alloy wheel, it depends on the scrape. If it's small, a tyre place may be able to grind any burring back and polish it, such that your boss is happy with it.

    ... OR you replace the wheel... and hope like hell you can buy them individually :)
    Check eBay, etc. Also ring some aftermarket wheel places, as some of them trade in stock wheels off cars when they put new alloys on and sell the stock wheels off cheap. You may be lucky if it's a common model.
  5. I guess I must mean the wheel guard - as its part of the rim of the car around the tyre, the actual painted section of the car... :oops: Its only slight scrapes - but I want the car to look as good when I give it back as it did when she gave it to me...

    I'll call bmw now - thanks for your help... :grin: :LOL: :grin:
  6. If it's the bodywork above the wheel arch, just go to a good panel beater and get a quote to fix it up....

    {I wasn't suggesting that you wouldn't tell the boss, just that he/she might like to get the repairs done by someone he/she knows, and have you fix up paying for it, is all :wink:.}
  7. To be honest - that is the bestest, cheapest part you could have scraped.
    It's usually styled at a different angle, or is even a separate panel to the rest of the body so it's a small area to rub back (if required) easily touched up, and won't look out of place even if the paint isn't matched perfectly because it reflects light differently.

    + fibreglass can be built up/filled etc, rather than metal which requires panel-beating... but it doesn't sound like you did that kind of damage.

    Good luck!
    ... and remember to offer to pay cash, say "Look I hate to ask, but is there any way you could do it a little bit cheaper for me?" [in your sexiest voice BTW ;)] AND tell them the sob story about how it's your big bad boss' car and you're a poor starving orphan with little money and polio etc etc etc. :grin:
  8. Cheers for the support boys! :grin:

    I called bmw - and they put me through to their body shop - so I'm gonna drop in and see em this weekend hopefully...glad I managed to damage the cheapest part - I was over the moon that she leant me her bmw - now just dont wanna know how much its gonna set me back :oops:

    Didnt even feel that I'd grazed the wall - just when I got out and checked - I thought - I cant even see any gap there - so I moved it - and there are slight grazes - so fingers crossed it shouldnt take too much time to fix or anything...

    Guess will have to try the old short skirt and low cut top routine when I'm asking about the price hehe
  9. You have to do the hand 'thingy' as well...

    Good luck with it!! :p
  10. If you didn't feel the contact with the wall, is it possible that the scratch was there already? Just wondering......
  11. Oh yes - I'm good at the flap - I'd forgotten about that skill of mine tee hee....
  12. I guess it is possible - but as I've never really checked around the car I just assumed the scratch was from me

    There was definately touching of the wall when I'd got out to check before i moved it - but didnt feel it happen - and its one of those 'none smooth' walls (sorry for the really girly description I'm particularly bad at describing stuff) so guess the ridges could have made the graze on the car...???

    I'm so sorry if I'm not making any sense :oops:
  13. Making sense?!?!?!?!?

    Far easier than listening to ya luv :rofl:

    aaaaaaanyway, back to the problem at hand,

    Sounds like you gave the wheel arch a bit of a scrape, you could always get a quote from "scratch busters" or dent busters or whatever they are called.

    Might be a cheaper option and they guaranty that you cant see the repair.

    Good luck chick :)
  14. So it's a flawless job? or they just don't let you watch while they do it? :p
  15. Hey - I speak perfectly good english :oops:

    Might be worth a try too...looks like i'm gonna be researching car repairs this weekend :cry: Will give scratchbusters a call too - see what they gotta say...

    Might be better if I go in person as apparently I'm even harder to understand on the phone :LOL:
  16. I feel ya, woman. Within a week in the new job, I scratched the driver's door of the company car while trying to park it. Had to call someone to come down and park it for me because I was panicking and hyperventilating.

    Reported it to the director's PA and the chinese whispers came flooding in NO time. Someone called, asking, "I heard you crashed the car into a wall!! Are you alright??"

    Plus I didn't do enough damage to make in claimable on insurance. My colleage suggested I go back downstairs and try ramming it into the wall for real :)

    Pump up that cleavage! ;)
  17. Nah, i never had any issues.... then aagin i've spend afair bt of time around a bunch of Scottish bagpipe players.....you were easy to understand. :grin:

    As for the car... i'd say the safest way would be to show the boss whenthey get home and pay for the damage.... they can the pick and choose who their prefered repairer is.
  18. Am onto it :grin:

    Oh god - yours sounds like a nightmare situation - woulda been crapping myself if that had happened to me...not enough damage to claim - and dealing with chinese whispers from new workmates :oops:

    I'm hoping that the scrapes are light enough to make the job quick and easy to do...havent told anyone at work yet as dont want the chinese whispers to work there way to Cuba - where my boss is at the moment - would prefer to tell her about my 'incident' myself :oops:
  19. Have it vandalised.........scrape, what scrape! :LOL:

    Regards, Andrew.
  20. Well just to give everyone an update (obviously if your interested hehe) - I called the guy that Bren's contacts put me onto - and he's gonna fix it for me 2morra for $200 :grin: They actually come to your place (work or home) and organise the fix there and then - so I'm over the moon about it...

    It works out at $200 - as clever girl that I am - managed to get slight scrape over two sections of the car (basically there is a join on the tyre rim - which is exactly where I have managed to scrape - oh the joys) - but seeing as I've had the car for 6 weeks, and it was ultra handy having it while my olds were down from qld - I actually think its worth it. When my sis was over from the uk - we hired car for the weekend and it was $250 for 4 days - so $200 for 6 weeks is fine with me...

    Obviously would prefer to never have scratched the damn thing - but I'm being a glass half full kinda girl :grin: