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Car runs a red - footage from today

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by ariderslife, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. Hey,
    not really portable in the SMIDY vids cause its not me,

    I captured this today on the way to knox.

  2. Saw the green arrow and went for it eh?

    i see it a lot ... and it is scary.. hence i always look to make sure that no ones running a red light before i go.. its only a quick glance.. but it could save your life!
  3. If it were a bike would have been clear across the intersection before the cars could bother honking.
  4. I see that a lot near me, except it's the arrow they don't notice instead of the main light.
    Nicely captured.
  5. That or finally got her make-up just right.
  6. i see a lot near me too. bust mostly just people who don't give a ****, at intersections without cameras.
    but i have to leave early to get into town from outer burbs. apparently traffic lights are optional when theres not many cars on the road.

    and yeah always keep a sharp eye on the car behind you when the green arrow comes on. it's like a switch that makes a zombie move forward.
  7. I wish traffic lights were optional when traffic is light. They used to turn to flashing yellow in off-peak times.

    I hate waiting at lights when I can see no one around.
  8. This is exactly how Mum and Dad's old Saab got taken out. Dad was turning on the green arrow. Woman in an X-Trail on the other side of the intersection wasn't paying attention, saw the green arrow on her side and interpreted it as GOGOGOGOGO! She floored it straight ahead into the intersection through the main red and hit Dad head on. Everyone was ok but the poor Saab went to motoheaven. (or Saabwreck haha)
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  9. ...and filtering to the front of a car is a good idea...???

    - - -
    Tapatalking loud, saying somethin'
  10. This. I'm not going to stop if theres no cameras or cops to make me stop.
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  11. And this, kiddies, is why WE should ALWAYS check before proceeding, even if it's green...
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  12. I wish I'd had my GoPro running on Saturday so I could have filmed the cocksmoker who deliberately opened his door up so that I couldn't filter past him at a red light. What a ****wit he was.
  13. Thats when you wait till the next set of light and open his rear passenger door as you cruise past on his left...