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Car Roadworthy in Vic

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by unknorm, Mar 8, 2007.

  1. Just seeing, does a car need a heater (to be working) to pass a roadworthy in Victoria? And if so, possible to show a url stating where? Thanks

  2. in a motorcycle forum no less... :wink:

    I really couldnt tell you mate. Call your local certifier for some free advice!
  3. I doubt it. My first car didn't even have a heater. :)
  4. i don't think so, but if you know someone 'close' to you who does rwc's .. than it doesn't need one.
  5. Yeah, and I wonder why "Netrider Forum Index -> Off Topic Stuff" exists :roll:
  6. Just to go against the trend, I think if it has one fitted it must be working. Mostly for the windscreen demister I think.
  7. Too true mate, i've posted a few obsure ones in here... I rang a repairer mate of mine who does RWC's for cars. Had a nice chat about mokes how my mountain bike is carving me a new rectum, any how the bad news is if the car was fitted with a heater as part of the original equiptment and its not installed its up to the descression of the certifer to pass or fail.

    It all comes down to the integity of the cooling system or something like that... Keep in mind this is qld. But as I said earlier call a garage that does rwc's and have a chat sould cost you nothing and if they say its going to be a problem fix it and then go to them.
  8. x2. I got knocked back on a RWC on the range rover for that exact reason. :(
  9. Mate that wasn't for the demisster, it was because it was a Range Rover :LOL:
  10. Beat me to it by 4 minutes, Paul grrrrrrrr :LOL:
  11. :LOL: :LOL: Yeah, well... It shouldn't have needed a RWC - it spent more time off the road (broken), than on it.. :roll:
  12. Yes, it must be working, my mate just put a 4wd ute in for a RWC and it failed because the heater wasn't working.
  13. Thanks for the replies! Helped out :) Now back to work from my quick lunch!