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car racing this sat

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by jasonw, Feb 14, 2007.

  1. just a quick note to let you all know there is car racing on this sat at calder park its a twilight meeting not sure of the start time (i have to be there at 9 for scrutineering) finishes around 10.30pm sports sedan, historic touring cars improved production sports cars and mg if you come wander around the pits i pitcrew 4 mg25

  2. More like 11pm finish looking at the proposed timetable.

    Here's some more info from a post on another forum;

    The first round of the new look 10 round Victorian Motor Race Championship will be held in just over two weeks at Calder on Satuday Feb 17.

    Three rounds will be held at Calder & Winton under AASA sanctioning while two rounds will be held at Sandown & Phillip Island under CAMS sanctioning.

    The first round will be a one day (Saturday) twilight meeting with Practice/Qualifying starting at 9:00am,
    Racing on the National (long) circuit starts after the lunch break just after 2:00pm.
    Twilight racing will be held on the Club (short) circuit after the dinner break from around 7:30pm.

    With sunset being around 8:45pm at the moment all classes will get at least one night race to play in.

    Classes listed are;
    Super TT
    Sports Sedans
    U2 Sports Sedans
    & BMW E30's

    Now the most important thing


    So do what you have to do on Saturday morning and wander down the Calder Freeway and check out some state level racing for nix, nada, zero.

    For those not familiar with getting onto Calder head out of town towards Bendigo and you'll find a very large mound of dirt called the Thunderdome (Banked NASCAR Track) on your left. Just as you pass it the main entry appears on your left, turn into there and follow the directions of the security staff as I'm not sure what parking arrangements will be for spectators.

    One hint when you go to leave, be very careful as you cross the freeway on the way out as it's an 80km/h zone with most traffic usually running at closer to 100 so pick your gap carefully.

  3. Twilight racing??? Ah memories of the famous night meetings at Oran Park in the early 70s, glowing disc brakes across the flip-flop and the likes of John Goss lurking in the shadows in his Tornado Holden sports car....
  4. your old !
    tell us Paul, how did those Model T Fords go on turn 1 ???
  5. Aw, not quite, Micky, but the races were being held as early as 1964, when I was only 15, and here's a programme to prove it...

  6. Twilight/night racing rocks. I raced a Formula Vee in 1996 at Calder for a twilight meet. We were a support class for the 2 litre super-tourers. Had an absolute ball.
  7. Anyone's who's interested should go along just for the Historic touring cars. That's a great series, always plenty of action and paint swapping going on
  8. Hey Dale, were you running at the twilight meeting at Winton many years ago when the Vee's ended up runing in the dark cos we were running massively late?? Someone rolled over at the Flip Flop and all we could see was his tail light doing a mid air ballet in the dark (Vee's don't have headlights).

    I worked at all the 24hr relays at Winton in the late 80's & early 90's.

    Nothing like watching race cars go by at 3am with glowing brakes & exhaust flames. Then the fog or rain would roll in and really make it interesting :shock: