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Car problem - Can't start

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by abvc, Apr 18, 2007.

  1. I have a Holden Astra 2003 YM. All of the sudden I can't start the engine. I can turn on all lights however when I tried to start it everything went off. including the clock which became resetted.


  2. i would normally assume starter motor for something like that. but with new ones and your clock being funny... i'm guessing a battery/alarm/computer thing....... might hafta try an auto elec
  3. Check your battery earth. It may appear to be making contact, but it probably isn't.
    The load caused by the starter motor causes it to short, thus knocking out the cars electrics.
  4. the battery on my astra said maintenance free (not the conventional one). can it still run out battery?
  5. battery earth..? what may cause it from making contact?

    I tried calling racv but they said they can only come for members. which i am not. is there anybody similar to racv?
  6. On a modern car it could be any number of things, but the first thing I'd be doing is looking at the is the battery terminals and the battery itself.

    A common problem with bikes is when one of the terminals is not connecting properly. All the electricals work accept for the big draw of the starter motor.

    Clean up the terminals and reconnect them. If that fails, put a multimeter across the battery. You may have dropped a cell.
  7. this means you don't have to top it up with water. it doesn't mean it can't shit itself.
  8. Dirt.
    Loosen the terminals. Pour warm water. Give em a scrub and the connectors too. Tighten em. Make sure the bolt on the other end of the earth strap is tight too (Usually earthed to Engine).

    Maintenance free can die too.

    Call a mobile mechanic, or Join RACV.
  9. Have you tried the spare key? does the key have a chip in the head of it?
  10. Maintenance free means you don't have to maintain the levels.

    It does not mean that you never have to purchase a replacement ever again.
  11. nope it's just a normal key. tried spare key too. the remote lock didn't work either.. hopefully it's just battery thing. i'll try the advises here tonight.
  12. thanks for input guys. it's just an almost flat battery. the car is hardly ridden since i got a bike. but it is about to change hand to my lil bro :grin:
  13. Geez mate I own a 2004 Astra CDX and I have never been able to ride it

    but on a serious side
    glad you got your car sorted
    nothing worse is there

  14. yeah most european cars have a low voltage cut out, sposed to stop the computer from forgetting stuff and dieing on you.
  15. As an Auto Electrician you seem to have a loose battery terminal or a flat/faulty battery.
  16. Problem is its a holden :p
  17. In particular an astra :p