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Car pile up on Princes Highway in Dandenong just before Coles

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Kernel, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. So I was out on the street taking a few pictures of my bike, when I hear this big screech and a bang.

    So I went running over to discover this (picture of the aftermath):
    Unfortunately an Indian fellow in a Ford station wagon taxi locked up the wheels and ran up the arse of a lady Holden Calais driver. I'm not going to speculate on how this might have happened, but I will say that the taxi driver did a very good job of keeping his calm.

    As you can see from the pics, the taxi is pretty fucked:
    Fluid everywhere, and there was a rather distinct smell.

    The Calais on the other hand is not so bad:

    The lady Calais driver was quite shaken up and visibly distraught so I tried to reassure her by saying "The car isn't too bad" to which she retorted "Yes it bloody well is!" to which I said "Nah... it's still driveable" to which she responded "I'm calling my husband."

    Well, there you go. Not something I see every day.
  2. awesome, should be more of it.

    missed opportunity to torch a taxi though
  3. i would have thought the falcon had ABS.

    modern cars wont look bad because the bumpers all spring back but many panel gaps will have changed and the boot wont shut properly (if you can get it open that is).
  4. That Calias is not far off a write off looking at the size of the crease in the rear guard.
  5. I think both the Holden and Ford will be a write off. As mentioned above, the crease on the rear guard looks bad, which means the chassis could be affected. The Ford however might get away with a front end cut and weld...probably will cost 10K, but it'll be cheaper than paying out for a BF wagon (looks like a BF wagon...which cost about $15K at the moment)
  6. Funny how what seem to be relatively insignificant things can actually cause a car to be a right off. Same as cosmetic damage to a faired bike I guess.
  7. that calais is fuched, that rear is screwed.... you really have to look at the pic not the thumbnail. the whole rear end is out of whack
  8. Two car prang is not a pile up in my books...

    This is a pile up:

  9. G'day everyone,...


    I wonder what taxi caused that!??

    Dr Who?
  10. mmm...

    could have been the same one that caused THIS !!
  11. given how calm the dude was I suspect it was not his first time he slammed his front up someone's arse
  12. You suggesting he's a bit of a 'Tail-ender' are you Kernel ? Bowls from the 'Paddington End' , eh ?

  13. Here is mine from a few weeks ago. A p plater was texting and hit me twice (she jammed the throttle on in panic after bouncing off the first time and hit me again).

    I begged them to write it off but they did the 8 grand of repairs. I'm supposed to pick it up tomorrow. The magic is gone now and I'll trade it ASAP for a new car.

  14. that's a pic from the toowoomba flood back in january. those cars were thrown like toys by an inland tsunami. people died in that flood. KIDS died in that flood