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car park prang question QLD

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by ivy, Jan 5, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, just wanted some opinion on fault for this little prang. My sister was driving slowly through a car park and a car suddenly started reversing. We both were beeping the horn like nothing else. He stopped, we thought feewwww and went to keep going when he suddenly threw it back in reverse and BANG. His rear has hit the side of her car.

    So he was coming out of a car park so my opinion is he should give way to everyone - agree?

    It ticked me off a bit that he couldn't see enough with his glasses on to read his license number, and couldn't hear the horn, on top of not seeing her car at all. Maybe its time for pops to be off the road. Sister rang her insurance just to say someone will be claiming against her but not her fault and they agreed so if it comes to that they will argue for her (only 3rd party property insurance).

  2. His fault 100% nuff said.
  3. I agree it was his fault, but why, if you were travelling so slow and he appeared to be wanting to reverse out, didn't you just stop and wait for someone to go 'after you....'. He may have thought, 'ah, they've seen me, I'll carry on' and you're going 'ah, he has seen me, I'll carry on....'

    Just a thought and I do agree that reversing into someone would definitely make it their fault.
  4. hope u reported it to the cops
  5. my sister was driving and still P plate so I think maybe panicked a little when he started coming - we've had talks about preventing even when not your fault but there really wasn't time. there were other cars all around in a tight space so driving close to edge of roadway.

    we were about a third to half of the way passed him when he started coming - when he stopped if he had looked he would of seen we were already behind him therefore he would have to wait as we couldn't reverse by that stage.