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Car park cage rage

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by edgelett, Feb 15, 2006.

  1. Today as I pulled into the car park I always use, the bloke at the gate signaled me to stop and came over to talk to me.

    The "sensors" at the gates are a bit dicky with bikes - only the centre one picks up lighter bikes. bikes that go through the left or right one need to stick a bucket sand on the sensor as well so there is enough weight to activate the ticket thingy.

    The guy at the car park explains to me that yesterday a female rider went through one of the sensors on the side. It didn't register her bike so she got off & grabbed the sand bucket & came back to sit on her bike. she plonked down the bucket & got on. behind her was a bloke in a car - who started to beep at her the instant she got off her bike to get the bucket. as soon as she got back on, the guy behind her got fed up & deliberately drove in to her, knocking her off her bike.

    I say "WHAT!!!!"
    the guy in the car park says "yeah, this bloke was a real prick, we couldn't believe he did that..waited till she was on then rams her. anyway - if you ever come up here & the sensor isn't working, just drive around the gate & go in - don't worry about the ticket, just remember to pay your $2.50 as you exit. we just want to avoid any more accidents"

    I still can't believe this bloke rammed her on purpose - arsehole!
  2. That wasn't an accident, that was a deliberate attack! I hope the car park is taking legal action against the driver....
  3. Deliberate intent. if the car park wasnt sueing i hope the rider is.

    wasnnt sure if U parks etc charged bikes..

    being on the scooter and not much of a city user, i havnt had parking issues yet.

    thats fair harsh and i hope that sand bucket was put to good use... right thru the fcukers window
  4. yeah, i goddamn well hope that dipshit copped it for that effort, what a turd :evil:
  5. don't those car parks have video ?please ask the attendant tomorrow or even tonight if you can
    this lass that was rammed
    could use the video footage in court as it would also have the car drivers rego plate and the person himself in plain view so no disputeing it ,i feel for this rider and can you thanks the attendant for informing you about the incident,by any chance did he tell you it was a regular car driver that parked there every day and he actually knew whome it was ?
  6. If someone was ahead of me at a line in the supermarket who was taking a long time finding the correct change, I might feel a little annoyed, but I wouldn't ram him/her with my shopping trolley.

    What is it about the road that brings out the worst in people, enough to physically injure people?
  7. Isn't using your car intentianaly as a weapon concidered culpable driving, and comparable to assult with a deadly weapon?
  8. from the brief chat with the bloke this morning (cause cars were starting to arrive) it sounds like the girl on the bike is taking the guy on the car to the cleaners - he said "we'd like to avoid any more lawsuits" and said that yeah she was going to the cops.
  9. Oh ok

    Good to hear
  10. He won't get done for it as they have to prove intent. All he has to do is say his foot slipped.

    He will pay for all damages though.
  11. What is it about cars that make people act so differently. I remember one time at a servo I stopped at the first pump (since it was the only one with 95 octane) and had a car behind me beeping the horn, giving me the finger, and yelling all sorts of things (which I couldn't hear since his window was up). Eventually he just drove around and pulled up at the second pump. As soon as he got out I called out to him but he ignored me. So I started walking over to him at which point he got back in his car and drove off - without having put any petrol in (hope he ran out further down the road).
  12. :LOL: Yeah there all hero's until there not in their cars .
  13. It's almost like they're watching the world through a TV.

    Think about it.
    When they're watching sport on the telly they probably rant and rave and know nothing is being affected by what they do.
    Perhaps they find it hard to tell the difference or forget when they're behind the wheel.
    They beep their horn, yell and scream and swear, then when they hop out in to the real world they're a different person.

    Just a thought.

    I know I can tell the difference when i'm in my cage, and certainly don't act like a complete tool :p
  14. F(*&%@g wanker!
  15. Yeah, I reckon you could be right there.
  16. If I've told all you motorcyclist b@stards once I've told you a thousand times, if I catch you holding me up at a carpark again I will run you over in my 3 tonne Canyonero...

    Cue the duelling banjo's cause I've got baby seals to club...
  17. bwahahhahahaa :LOL:
  18. fcuking road rage, I will never understand it! If I see anyone on the road when in my car doing this shit, I give them heaps, even if it's not directed at me. I'll block them in or whatever. If someone is tailgating, I tailgate them for a bit, and guess what? Tailgaters HATE being tailgated!
    The best thing I do is, when people cut me off or whatever, I wait till they pull up at some lights. Then I get out of the car and approach them, to discuss it of course. Now, being that I drive a Daimler, they don't expect that A: anyone will get out of a Daimler and B: that they wil be 6'1" and 130kgs! I've had several people drive off through red lights.........

    Regards, Andrew.
  19. Slam on the brakes if your in the car, and on the bike, let them get past, follow them, and have a quiet chat when they stop. :wink:
  20. I wonder if this hero would have had the guts if it was a patched member of a 1% club, or even just a guy rather than a woman - F%*#en Gutless Maggot.