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car lovers

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by nobby, Apr 6, 2005.

  1. This has probably been asked before, but what are the risks of washing my bike at one of those do-it-yourself places....?
    Bikes filthy after the Island and I'm busy at work, so was just gunna stop off on the way home and suds it off..
    black is a bugger of a bike colour........

  2. just be careful where you point the high pressure spray. You can force water into bearing and such like. Also your chain you should not really use it on that either. You will still have to lube the chain afterwards as well. Having something to dry the bike will be a good idea as well so you do not get wet when you get back on.
    Other than that you should be ok.
  3. Be careful using a high power spray around your chain, bearings, and anything electrical. The force of the jet is enough to get past seals and damage things.
  4. I've used one and it was very effective.
    I have been advised by others to avoid pointing the high pressure spray at the wheel bearings. Apparently, it can dislodge the grease there.
    Also been advised to use WD 40 around some of the electrical wires joins and sprak plug cap(s).
  5. I'm careful at the carwash... especially knowing that there is some seriously small parts and I'm using high pressure... any clear plastic parts (like a windshield) can be scratched by the brush also... (I found this out the hard way...) Otherwise I'ts been handy for getting the bugs off...
  6. my bikes OK....its nice and clean :p :LOL: :LOL:


  7. Wash... bike?


    The dirt holds the fairings together!
  8. One thing not mentioned, be careful of the Radiator!!!! You can do some serious damage to it with a high presure hose