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Car lands in roof of house!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by fekkinell, Oct 18, 2009.

  1. Gives new meaning to Holden's current ad slogan "The road ahead, see where it can take you today".
  2. Nah, thats bollocks. Theres heaps of other things that could happen to make a car clear a 2m fence and send some traffic lights 100m down the road.
  3. when i was a kid beyond 2000 on tv promised flying cars for everybody by now, perhaps this is a prototype?
  4. Flying cars is be biggest load of bollocks. We've been promised that shit since the 50s, and still no joy.

    Besides, the average motorist can hardly cope with one axis of movement. I dare not think what would happen if we gave them three.


    It seems it could have been worse. From Germany.

  5. Are you Englandish?
  6. That depends. Do you like it? :p
  7. Did you guys see the fence before the house? There's a dirt ramp against it just asking to be launched up!

    But seriously, haven't you noticed the more 'hektik' the driver, the more he can't drive for sh!t?
  8. So true it hurts! :rofl:
  9. So true, GS5hudy, so true.

    Here's a handy graph to help us all visualise the extent of this problem


    As you can see, its an exponential curve. Being just a little bit hektik will cause your driving ability to drop sharply, however no matter how hektik you are, your driving ability will never reach zero.

    For comparison, I've included a line showing the relationship between how long Andew O'keif is on Television and how much I want to start strangling him.

    With the help of this graph, we are all able to see the facts of this matter clearly.