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Car just sold. Time for a bike.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by 7Kawasaki, Feb 11, 2015.

  1. Hello Everyone.

    Names Michael. Just sold my car today today . Will be looking at getting my learners next week as I've always wanted to ride. I'm looking at booking in Armstrong in Melbourne as they seem to have good reviews?

    Anyway just wondering what the best way is to buying a bike. I live on st Kilda road so it's fairly busy. I'm worried I won't be confident enough to take the bike home myself? Or am I worrying too much. :-/

    Anyway cheers all!
  2. Welcome to the forum Michael.

    You can purchase a bike and then generally have it delivered to your home if youre not comfortable riding it home.
  3. Welcome Mr Michael. Good choice ditching the car!
    Most dealers happily deliver and is less stress for you with your new baby!:cat:
  4. G'day mate and welcome to the wonderful, sometimes confusing, but always rewarding world of bikes. There a dozens of "what bike to buy?" threads over the last month or so, can I suggest you trawl through these and absorb what's being offered as there is heaps of good advice out there already.

    Essentially, you've got to decide what type of riding you're doing, what bike type suits that best, what you actually like the look and feel of (go sit on lots, then when you can test ride a heap of them). Plus what budget etc, and don't forget all the gear.

    It's a long search but put in the effort and it's rewarding and fun!
  5. Hey guys
    Thanks for all the advice.
    I'm after a used bike which is the problem lol.... I will most likely get a hyosung (I've read they aren't as reliable...) or ninja as the used prices seem quite cheap!
    I've already got my gear hehe
  6. Go the ninj...blah blah blah I've written it too many times before...good first bike etc etc. yoshi pipe...:cat:
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  7. Welcome Michael,

    I did what you did, sold the car, got my Ls. I Don't regret it, I'm loving it!

    Go sit on a few different bikes and that will tell you what you feel most comfortable on. This advice helped me heaps!
  8. Welcome mate.

    Armstrongs are a good bunch.

    If you can't have your bike delivered - post up when you are due to collect it, it's not uncommon for a fellow rider helping out to Shepherd you home.
  9. Or ride your bike home for you - via Mt Buller or similar.. Lol
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  10. Cheers guys :) can't wait till next week!!
  11. welcome aboard :] good luck
  12. Welcome Michael, Saturday Morning Practice is only about 5k from you so even if you haven't got a bike drop down and say hello. You can talk to lots of other bike owners and get their owners opinion on why their bike is the best. ;)
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  13. ^Thank you. (How did you know I lived in St Kilda road? lol)

    Just booked in Armstrong but 2 weeks later cause of work :(

    Guess I'll just study the handbook etc. Will definitely try and go to this practice that happens every weekend.
  14. You said. ;) I don't claim any secret mental powers. :)
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  15. Oh I did say that hahaha.....

    It fully freaked me out for abit cause I went to check my profile to see if I had my location added or if netrider had some secret ip address tracking lol.
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  16. Welcome to NR...

    Come on down to the Saturday practice... Lots of bikes to look at...
  17. It fully freaked me out for abit cause I went to check my profile to see if I had my location added or if netrider had some secret ip address tracking lol.[/QUOTE]

    Lol- that's funny, by the way could you add some more funds to your bank account, we need more money...:D
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  18. When everyone says that they have sold their car, do they mean they went from 2 car household to just one? I would like to sell my car but grocery shopping would have to go online.
    Oh and I'd have to get my 87yr old mum kitted out (eye scar alert-in all leather of course) and some straps to tie her to me so she can pillion...would raise some eyebrows with the old dears at church! lol...wild old Ella!:cat:
  19. ^I live alone so I only had the 1 car. Not sure about others.....but yes I still need to figure out how I am going to do grocery shopping lol.
  20. cjvfrcjvfr really does have mental powers, they're just not secret any more...
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