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Car insurance stupidity.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by typhoon, Mar 31, 2007.

  1. So, I call Budget Direct, we already have two policies with them, to obtain Third party fire and theft on teh Rover.Get told I need to have it inspected due to it's age, at an Ultra Tune service centre. No problems says I.
    I call the only two Ultra Tunes in the ACT/ NSW region within 3 hours drive of me. First one says "I won't inspect it on a weekend, come in between 8.30 and 4.30". Thanks, 90 min round trip to get to you during the day, maybe not. SO I call teh other one, same story.
    Go home, call insurance company, tell them what their inspection contractor is like and how they will not lok at the car on a weekend, even though they are open.
    Get told I have to have the car inspected. Tell them I can't, due to their contractor's arrogance, get told again, tell them again. Great customer service. They even wanted to make me pay a 25% penalty for ending the policy early, I said no bloody way, you forced the cancellation! The policy was 24 hours old...........
    Organise other policies at same or lower prices on the 3 cars and now they have no money from me! QBE now insure the Magnas (they already insure the bike), Shannons the Rover.
    In fact, Shannons are insuring it comprehensively for about 40% of Budget Direct's price (with no inspection), as I agreed that it would only be driven a couple of days a week!
    Shannons weren't so good with the Magnas though, being a little more pricey on third property/fire/theft. I'll give them 12 months with the Rover and see if they'll play with their pricing for me.
    So moral of the story is, help your customers, don't tell them they are up shit creek with an arrogant tone

    Regards, Andrew.
  2. no offense dude, but with a company name like budged direct... would you really expect customer service?
  3. FWIW, I just added an el ford fairmont ghia to my shannons policy - the result: $200 cheaper (comprehensive) than the competition PLUS they took a further $75 off the bike insurance... pretty happy with that :)

    Checked out their new property insurance and looks to be cheaper too - plus additional multi-policy discount. All good.
  4. They were actually pretty good last year when we made a small claim for a parking lot collision.
    I hate businesses that blow hot and cold.

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. Insurance policies have a 2 week cooling off period with full refund, it's required by law.
  6. I had a problem with my car insurance with budget direct.

    I bought the car from my brother in law but only did the transfer after a year. We had that car insured with budget direct but I changed to AAMI when we did the transfer, so after two years my brother in law called me to say that I owed him $800 for two years of insurance.

    I checked the paperwork and said to him that I had been paying directly to AAMI with my credit card, but then we found out that Budget Direct had been charging him annually without asking him for authorization for the insurance.

    I had to go to the RTA get the transfer exact date and get my papers from AAMI together to send them to them and get my brother's in law money back. Even then they wanted to charge us a penalty fee but they couldn't because we had notified them the transfer and termination of the policy (date written down in my rego papers) and they charged his credit card without authorization.

    So, money back it was.

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