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Car gets caught on tram tracks

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by ariderslife, May 15, 2012.

  1. Footage i have from the other month
    This is up @ highpoint in melb.

    enjoy :)

  2. Was that a parked car that had been cleaned up, or someone that had a prang and did a runner?
  3. who were you talking to?

    Your headlight looks next to useless.
  4. Just a trick of the camera. My Contour does the same thing.
  5. Do you like in Crompton? LOL, that area looks like "da gheddo".
  6. You are sooo special..

    Lucky you are there to show the way and the light of the "riderslife"

    And you call the car driver a douchbag! thats the funny bit.
  7. Well, that was exciting..
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  8. LMAO Loved the "like a boss" comment
  9. lol ta that actually took me a bit to line the font up and make it move correctly