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Car drivers view on lane splitting..not me

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by sanoptic, Jun 29, 2009.

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    To bike riders:

    Why do you feel the need to thread dangerously through traffic
    Why do you feel the need to make your way to the front of the traffic light queue as if it were your right to do so.
    If you don't needle your way to the front of the queue, you start at the innermost lane and proceed to accelerate hard, changing lanes before you're even hardly clear of the car to your right.

    I understand that a bike is small, narrow, easily manoeuvrable.
    You have been given all the rights of a motor-vehicle. ie. A whole lane to oneself, a whole car park bay to oneself etc.
    However, you should also observe all your responsibilities as a motorist. ie. Beware of your surrounding, be considerate to other motorists.

    I remember once when there were many advertisements raising awareness for motor bikes and cyclists (observe your blind spots, careful to open doors).
    I believe that motor vehicle users have observed these very well, but you should also do your bit in maintaining our road's safety.

    You may take, but you should also give.

    This guy is just a little jealous while he sits in long queues going nowhere...hehe

  2. tell him to join netrider and ask the same question, he might learn a thing or 2
  3. Everyone has their opinion and I guess I can understand and respect that person’s perspective.

    Personally I do what I believe is the best for my safely and convenience and will continue to do so even with the rare abuse and deliberate blocking by some drivers.
  4. someone should have answred this guy with the following:

    you are in your small car in traffic and you see 15 trucks in front of you. you can easily pass them, safely, with no pressure on you or them. they may get a bit upset because you can do this and they cannot and they will be stuck behind one another. in normal sensible countries you are encouraged to go to the front of the traffic. there is even a special section at some traffic lights for cars to get in front of trucks so you may head off in front of them. your vehicle is more fuel efficient, better for the environment, is not as dangerous as a big truck to others.

    would you sit at the end of 15 trucks travelling slowly? surely not.

    this is how bikes see cars.....

    have a nice day! :p
  5. btw i get this when i click on link

    You do not have access to this forum.
  6. Why did he feel the need to write this?
  7. cause whirpool is for a bunch of nerds

  8. Done :)
  9. post replies, cheers.
  10. My cousin's wife once remarked to me that she hated motorcycle riders who cut to the front of the line. I asked why, and after the usual pathetic reasons (because you hold traffic up, or because you shouldnt push in) I simply said that she should pretend that she never saw us.

    Just shows the ignorance that most car drivers have toward us. They hate that we do it, but haven't thought of why. There is nothing but jealousy in it!
  11. i can bet that they will say,
    "no, we would never do that"

    "it's not the right thing to do"

    "gee, nice pocket protector, you remind me of d!ck smith"

    i love it when you see all those cage drivers get all p*ssy hurt about having to sit in traffic, and you dont.
  12. I say to car drivers "If you can see that you fit through a gap you do. why can't I?"
  13. i get annoyed at bike filtering when i'm in my car. simply because i can't. i don't have a problem with them doing, and if possible make room for them to do so.
  14. i get so annoyed when I see a motorbike filtering past me at the lights, it just boils my blood and I get angry at myself for my stupid decision to leave the bike at home and drive the car.

  15. +1, can anyone post up an update?? Smee? sanoptic??

  16. Here you go

    Go here http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum/ sign in with details below then click link from here to see it.

    Username nr2009
    pass netrider

    Just to make sure doesn't offically link to nr as such posts will show as sirstacksalot

    Was thinking of vtr250s and then nibor :p
  17. Nice initiative, geeth, but I'm having trouble finding the thread. Can you log in and 'watch' the thread on sirstacksalot's behalf?
  18. Their opinion doesn't count, as it was posted on Whirlpool.

    Its not bad enough that we have a little geekfest about motorbikes on the internet, but their forums are ABOUT the internet!

    Agoraphobic programmer nerds are practically REQUIRED to have a whinge!
  19. For some it wont let the new account access automotive section.


    When you reach the 50 posts milestone, or after 2 months after registering, you will become a "Participant"

    Though there isn't much in the forum anyway, pretty much the normal crap you would expect.
  20. Hey settle down, people like different things. I like both forums.

    Netrider think of Whirlpool as geeks, Whirlpool probably think of Netrider as pierced, tattooed gangsta bikers terrorising grannies and lighting up petrol stations. :p

    Nah but with 295000 members compared to our 14641, most of them wouldn't have heard of Netrider.
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