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Car drivers have syndromes.....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Micheal A, Jul 2, 2005.

  1. Why is it that just about every car driver thinks - and must attempt to prove - that their car is faster than a motorcycle??!!

    Have you noticed that? Or is it just a Qld thing??

    No matter whether it's a young guy in his chinked out hyundai, and middle aged man (who should know better :evil: ) in his mid-life crisis solving V8 holden, or young girls in their "girls can do anything" stickered barinas!!!

    I pretty much always ignore them. What does everyone else do??
  2. It's not a Qld thing, it's a car thing. Every car driver likes to think that their car is tops and the idea that someone on a bike could beat them is too horrible to even contemplate. And even though most of them know that a bike could eat them in first gear, they still try it on.
  3. if it's from a standing start at the lights, depending on what car it is, i give it a burst :D

    however if they rip past me or pull some dodgy overtaking move whilst in motion, i let them have it then lane split past them when the traffic stops at lights :LOL:
  4. It's bloody annoying!! AND downright dangerous!! Riding home last night in heavy peak hour traffic, that chinese guy (read Bu,Chu and Fu) in his WRX decided that he HAD to be in front of me NO MATTER WHAT and proceeded to weave in and out of traffic lanes, squeezing through gaps that weren't there. Brake lights everywhere...... You get the picture... THEN after he succeeded in getting in front, he'd SLOW DOWN and let me pass, just to do it all over again!!
  5. Try being a chick on a bike and THEN see how many guys have something to prove....

    :D :D :D
  6. I tend to do whatever suits me at the time, with safety being the main priority. I try to put the biggest gap between myself and the psychotic ones. :D :D :D
  7. hahah I agree, as long as you be safe about it, the cagers and bikers can still have their fun.

    I generally take off with a bit more acceleration than everyone else so I'm always usually ahead of the pack. So when I get a cager beside me who speeds up as fast as I do, I go "Yea, it's on!" have a little fun, and back off once we hit the speed limit. Sometimes I give a thumbs up or a wave, and usually I'll get a smile back.

    I'm rather happy that my zzr250 can give some ford utes a run for its money. But I bet after the upgrade, it won't be as fun anymore; no more competition with cagers.
  8. damn, no-one even pretends to want to drag me .. its kinda boring really
  9. i just think its pretty amusing that i can still beat em' even on my 2fiddy. even if i have to go through all 5gears....

    havent had anyone try to drag me yet, i look to scary..... and im in hoon capital micheala!!
  10. I pick up the vibe that cagers want to drag alot. I think it is the throb of the Termignoni exhaust cans that gets them going...
  11. Ive had heaps of wallys in commondores try and run me from the lights,i just cruise along next to them holding 2nd gear(while they rev the shite out of their cars in every gear) then at about 90-100 ks i clutch her up and take off on the back wheel. :LOL: Tends to put them back in their box and its fun too. :wink: :LOL:
  12. I get that a lot, and I love to fcuk with them! :LOL: :LOL: As soon as I'm next to some twat in a V8 commodore (I used to play this game in my old torana years ago as well) they start reving to show me how big they think their dick is and how they can beat a little 250 easy. Fair enough, I'd expect that from a red neck. When the lights change I match them side by side right up to the next light of even drop behind a bit then rev manly like until the next green light when we take off again. Repeat this process 3 or 4 times then when they think they're top shit, blow their fcuking doors off, give em the finger and turn off down a side street before they realise a CB doesn't have a top speed to match it's acelleration. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: