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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Oldmaid, Mar 22, 2016.

  1. well after my little off and taking stock of the damage, albeit minor, I thought since a bit skint and an awful number of big big bills at present, will leave until I can afford to repair.

    So yesterday after opening my $9500 Amex:stinkyfeet: I realised my car rego was due. There was a CTP and I kid you not I nearly passed put when I saw $686...and due by the 4/4. I checked what I paid last year and had paid $534.
    I was going to just pay it on never never and then thought, no I will ring them and get them to check.
    First off I was told it was because the car is old (WTF) and I said you are joking aren't you...then they recalculated and it was suddenly $402!
    Do you know if I still lived at Baulko it recalculated it at $560 but at Port $402. How can it be so different to what they sent as an invoice to be paid??
    How does this even work and what if I just paid the $686?? Do auditors ever say gee this client has overpaid??

    Pays to check and recheck...ordinarily when flush with funds I would have just paid it...seriously...but not any more.
    What's the saying...more money than sense...I just learnt another good lesson from my move north.

    PS the bike looks like I may have cracked the oil casing as leaking oil very slowly...so lever, indicator, cracked fairing and oil casing...pipes I will just leave as battle scars :(
  2. You sound surprised. Insurers nearly always work on the premise that most people never question price rises, and they don't mind losing us skinflints.
    In your case they were probably just trying it on. They know perfectly well that you have moved to an area with reduced risk of theft etc, but maybe you don't?
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  3. that's a lot, my car and bike CTP hover around $350 with QBE.....
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  4. Haha don't get me started on this shit!! Pretty much the only way to do it is to check every single bloody year if you can't get a better deal. With everything - insurance, electricity, gas, phones, internet etc etc. Makes me cranky, even I don't have time for all this crap and I hardly do any work....
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  5. In the words of Forest Gump stupid is as stupid does. I am actually surprised and annoyed with myself (again). With the car I have usually just forked out whatever numbers turned up from whoever the ex used.
    My turn to do all this now so a work in progress.
    I rang around and did the leg work for the bike because of the crazy prices that Bikebiz quoted me for comprehensive - ctp and rego was already included in bike price.
    Lesson learnt and it is a truly valuable, one trust me!
  6. I cannot figure why NSW citizens let them get away with this BS pricing game. It is quite inequitable to pay a cost based on variables for something that is compulsory.
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  7. As luck has it they can have a say right now on CTP reforms.

    Options for reforming Green Slip insurance
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  8. Yeah but u get senior citizen rates! Lol
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  9. Sadly, I think that's true :LOL:
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