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Car Crash

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Lizzy, Feb 14, 2006.

  1. My Mum and Sister were involved in a head on car crash on Saturday night at around 8pm.

    The car with my mUm, sister and her young daughter was exiting the 7/11 at Zillmere.. Carmel (my sister) says she looked both ways.. edged out a bit more and looked both ways.. As did my Mum who was in the front. There was a not a car insight so they start to make a right hand turn from the driveway. Next minute a black car comes tearing around teh corner and smashes into them. The impact was so hard.. that the car did a 180 in the middle of the road and was facing the wrong way when it stopped spinning.

    My mum basically got scalped.. She required 14 staples in her head to put it back on. The skin that you hair grows out of was all ripped off. She needs more xrays as they believe she has a chipped bone in her legs and broken ribs etc etc. She was covered in blood. My other sister and I had to give her a bath as she can't really move. She has bruises all over here. Really really bad whip lash from the seat belt etc etc

    My sister is still in hospital. She will be having an operation today on her arm as it was smashed to bits. Atm she has no other pain other than her arm. However we all believe that after the arm is set right she will probably realise other things are sore.

    Thankfully Carmel's daughter was not hurt However she can't stop crying and is scared of cars.. as is Mum.. She needed to visit the Doctor yesterday and cried all the way there. The Doctor was shocked that they let her out with her injuries.

    So far we know that teh young man driveing the car was speeding. I regualrly take that way to Chris's Mum and Dad's house. I know for sure taht if he had of been doing teh speed limit he would have been able to stop. There is so much room to even see from the corner that somebody is coming out of that driveway. The skid marks indicate that he came around the corner so fast that he didnt even have time to brake. As teh only skid marks are those of my sisters car going around in circles (it looks like she's done a burnout lol)

    Eye witnesses say that the young man speed up to take the ornage light just before it went red. Came tearing around the corner at whatever god for saken speed and just wiped them out. After seeing the car yesterday I am totally shocked that they are still here with us today...

    I feel terrible about it. Chris, Michelle and I had just gotten back from Andy's day of gaming And we had rocked up at the Coffee Club at Aspley. As we were drinking our coffee's all the ambos and police raced by. We said gee must be a big crash I hope they are ok. They were going to help Mum and Carmel who were trapped in the car.

    The guys in the other car did not have any injuries.. Although one complained of a sore chest.. But the police told him to shut up as a woman was bleeding to dealth
  2. Sad news.

    Best wishes for full and speedy recovery for all involved.

    hope they throw the book at the guys in the other car
  3. bad news Lizzie, hope everything works out :(
  4. Sorry to hear of this. I hope your family make a full recovery. Lets hope justice is served to the guys in the black car.
  5. Healing thoughts and prayers to you all Lizzie.

    I hope that everyone recovers, both physically and mentally.

    And karma to the guy that hit them :evil:
  6. jeez, lizzy, give you folks my best wishes, and here's hoping the policeman's attitude to the situation continues throughout the investigation.

    You have, of course, enlisted legal advice?
  7. Hang in there Liz, I know its a tough time but you sound like you've got a strong family there and that will make all the difference.
  8. Faaaark, that's rotten. I hope everything heals up and no permanent damage is done.
  9. OMG, that's horrible Lisa. I wish your mum and sister a speedy recovery.

  10. That's terrible and highly tragic. I hope they both pull through Ok Lisa, with no lasting phsical or emotional injuries.
  11. i hope every one pulls through ok not the best of news to see!
  12. So sorry to hear of what has happened to your family :(

    If your mother is in pain, or is just not coping, take her straight back to the hospital..she shouldnt be suffering...plus her taxes pay for such an event..
    Hope the guys who hit her get a swift kick up the arse..hard :? :evil:
  13. Sorry to hear about that Lizzy. But very glad to hear they survived (albeit with nasty injuries.

    There are twits out there, well and truly.

  14. Sounds like a really tricky incident. It could go either way depending on the speed the accident investigators determine the offender was travelling. If it isn't clear he was exceeding the speed limit then it may be found that both parties were at fault. Assuming it was a 60kph zone, at that speed tboning a vehicle can often cause it to 360 depending on the masses of each vehicle.
    All I'm saying is neither party may come out smelling like roses.
    Just damn lucky no one was killed.
  15. Hang on...the guy went through an orange light, turned the corner and collided with another vehicle (apparently without braking), I think it's pretty safe to say the accident will be found to be his fault.

    He almost certainly wouldn't have been visible to Lizzy's sister as she turned out of the driveway into what would have looked like a clear road.

    It'd be different if he'd simply been driving straight along the road at or under the speed limit, but that's not what happened here.

    Lizzy - best wishes to you and your family. I hope your relatives make a full and speedy recovery, and I trust the driver will get what he deserves.
  16. None of which is illegal and the accident investigators have to prove the speed he was travelling which isn't always easy.

    Again a hard assumption to make unless we know the particular road and place. Unless it's convincingly proven that he was exceeding the speedlimit by a large factor, then it's quite likely that Lizzy's sister may be found partially to blame. This is where everything gets tricky and why Road Accident investigators get paid well.

    Again we can't definitely say what speed he was travelling and straight road or not, when making a right hand turn it is your responsiblity to use caution.
    I'm actually surprised the servo did not have a "No Right Turn" sign due to the fact it's located close to a blind corner.
  17. I agree with OutbreakMonkey here. Very difficult to determine anything unless your there. The guy must've been absolutely flying to cause this accident from the sound of the terrible injuries.

    Most of the times if your in say a 60 zone making a 90 degree turn you slow down and take it comfortably. If this guy was say in a wrx with good traction conditions and he took the turn at 60 would this be considered as speeding? or reckless driving?
  18. i'm sorry to hear of your family's accident & hope they recover from their injuries soon.

    the police officer was right - first act of triage is you provide medical assistance to the person with the most serious injuries first.
  19. It wasn't a blind corner at all. Infact from the light you have a clear view of the entry and exit of the 7/11... I know this because I travel that road every day. From reports of the ey witnesses the young man speed through the lights and used both lanes to turn into the street so as to not make the corner tight.. Using two lanes (only one lane is a turning lane) he was able to speed through teh corner.

    The entry and exited is not really close to the corner.. you still have to drive a few metres up before you get to it. You always have clear vison of the driveway even when you are sitting at the lights waiting to turn into that street.

    If the young man had of been doing the speed limit I have no doubt in my mind he would have been able to stop.. How do I know this?? Because I have been travelling along the same road when a scooter rider cut across the road without looking.. and I had to slam the brakes on. This was while I was already on that raod.. so I had less time to react than the man in the car who hit Mum and Carmel.

    My Mum and Sister say that there were no cars insight at all when they were turning. This is also what the eye witnesses say. As there was two people walking up the street and a few standing in the parking lot when this happened.

    Really I don't care what the police find. All I really care about is taht they are ok.
  20. Actually going through an orange light is illegal if it is deemed that you could have stopped.

    From Lizzy's version of events it would seem clear the other guy was simply speeding. Hope he get the book thrown at him big time. He deserves whatever he gets.

    All the best Lizzy to all the family. Hope everything works out. Hard to imagine it could be any worse but just think what it would have been like if they were pulling out of the 7/11 on a bike!

    Take care.