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Car Clutch Replacing?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Fa1c0n, Jun 15, 2011.

  1. The clutch in my car is dieing. Slipping and reving without accelerating and what knot.

    IT IS DRIVEABLE, though. My plan was to wait till it died then replace it, is this a good idea?

    What could happen if i just wait till its dead, should i replace it naow while its still lightly working?
  2. what sort of car is it?
  3. Dude, replace it now if its slipping that bad.
    You could end up getting yourself stuck at the bottom of a hill or something and having to pay for a tow.
    ...and the rivets that hold the friction pads could be gouging your flywheel to the point where it can't be machined out.
  4. Yep. Seen this happen. Mind you, I put it back togerther without even trying to get the groove out and it worked perfectly well enough as it was.
  5. Mazda 121. 1991. Got given it free, dont drive it by choise lol!
  6. bet ur loving the fuel mieage tho (and I bet it doesnt cost $150 to fill it up like my car)
    Wanna swap? lol (jk)
    I would start pricing out the repairs now and get it done ASAP (would hate to get stuck somewhere when the clutch fails and then also have to pay for a tow truck to get it to a mechanic who hasnt even got the parts in yet)
  7. Cluch is 200 bucks for an after market one. Gunna get the missusess dad to install it for me.
  8. $200, you sure?

    i would have thought it would be cheaper than that.
  9. Get it fixed, if it assplodes (due to overheating due to slipping) it can take chunks out of the bellhousing and ricochets can damage other engine parts.
  10. Why aftermarket? How much is a stock clutch?
  11. Yeah get it sorted asap.
    Unless you want to do my trick in my old Subaru. Driving out of Sydney and lost the clutch on the Harbour Bridge in peak hour…
  12. I'd assume the $200 includes friction plate, pressure plate and (possibly) release bearing.
  13. save the $200 for the clutch....buy $5 fuel, pour on back seat and drop a match.....you'll be doing yourself a favour.....

  14. Just get it fixed now.
  15. 650 for the part alone....
  16. $200 for an aftermarket clutch KIT is probably about right...

    Make sure you are getting a full kit..clutch plate, pressure plate and release bearing. Replace all 3 components at the same time..

    Basic reasoning is if the clutch plate is worn, then the springs in the pressure plate will also be getting weak and the release bearing will be similarly worn......you really don't want to do the whole job over again just to replace a $20 bearing that you could have replaced in the first instance...](*,)
  17. And if that bearing fails it can cause more problems. Had to get a few hundred worth of maching to fix the release bearing's surface when original failed (not my car, I just fixed it).
  18. Agreed. If at all possible, fix it now. Much cheaper and smarter in the long run.
  19. This is convinicing evidence. Ill look into it
  20. Just do it now. Don't wait.