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Car-carrying trucks on Macquarie Pass

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, Feb 26, 2008.

  1. This is far more serious than some dodo getting booked on the Pass.

    Anyone riding or driving Macquarie Pass is urged to report to the Police ANY sightings of car-carrying transporters on the road. The RTA has deemed them to be unsuitable on the grounds of length and clearance, and assure people reporting them, especially if the report is accompanied by photograhic evidence, that the company or companies resonsible will be prosecuted.

    The trucks already spotted and reported have been orange in colour, carrying new cars from the port of Port Kembla, and have had between 6-8 cars on board.
  2. Good old TNT/whoever they are called today up to their illegal ways again.......
    The various councils squabbling about upgrading the road from Nowra to Braidwood need to get their shit together and provide a proper, viable transport route south out of the Illawarra ASAP. They'd have it done in 18 months if they commited the funding, but with Labor in power, forget it.

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. A car carrier.

    Macquarie Pass.

    .... Is that even possible? :shock:

    I mean, obviously it is... but... dayum!
  4. Surely its easy to pull them up and "book'em" somewhere safe.
    Shipping and freight movements should be available too.
    Why ask the public?
  5. Because the police/RTA are too lazy to bother doing it.

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. It is actually not always possible and many a time a semi-trailer has jack knifed while try to negotiate a hairpin turn in Macquarie Pass. Suddenly car traffic is backed up for hours on either side as there is no viable way to creep past for large vehicles. Then the fire brigade and police arrive to try and move the thing while people wait in scorching heat, with only the option to either wait or turn around. Love my bike!
  7. Hornet ,the car wharf at Glebe Island {in the city} is closing down with in 12 months and all the cars will be unloaded at port kembla.
    The cars that are being unloaded now are the Euro cars ,Saab ,Mercs, Alfa ,etc and there is about 500 per ship ,per fortnight .say 8 cars per truck =65 trucks wanting to go to Ingleburn near Liverpool way to the storage yards.IIRC.

    When Glebe Island shuts ,to make way for blocks of flats :roll: ,the Japan and Koren cars that are still being unloaded at Glebe will go to port kembla to be unloaded .There will be 1000 -1500 cars a DAY being unloaded at port kembla .....average 1250 cars X 8 per truck =156 trucks a DAY looking to get up the top of the mountain.
    And remember to double the number of trucks as the trucks are from sydney and will be doing a return up and down trip for 1 load.
    Also this is not including the other general cargo containers and heavy machinery like wheat harvesters ,front end loaders ,forklifts ,boats...etc....etc..etc . that is also to be unloaded.

    I don't think the government thought much about the extra few hundred trucks a day trying to get up the mountain ,just how much they would make for selling off land to put flats on.

  8. ^^ What a bunch of short sighted half wits.
    I'm glad I don't use the pass.
  9. Brett, the whole business stinks like a fish market with the fridges turned off. Even if they ARE now going to unload thousands of cars here instead of in Sydney, where they should be being unloaded, why can't they transport them to Sydney BY TRAIN instead of endangering roads that are nearly maxed out for traffic already??

    The RTA must be the most incompetent and corrupt government instrumentality in Australia....
  10. White bay locals ,didn't like the noise and was a BIG factor for closing the place ,I hope they build Disneyland there that will piss them off HAHAHAHAHA.
  11. I used to clear 400 - 600 Kia's (this is just kia's) per vessel ( say every fortnight) and that is JUST Kia's

    POrt Kembla get ready!!

    TNT is a division of Patricks Autocare..... now TOLL.

    Letter writers of the forum... on your marks!!! get set!~!!! GO :LOL:
  12. Hornet .
    Loading by rail takes way to long ,even loading general cargo containers take 3 times + ,as long to load then a truck.
    If the train misses its "window" to leave every thing gets backed up .
    Just like loading a small boxes on a conveyor belt ,you miss one and then it all turns to sh1t and they start backing up.
    With trucks if one brakes down .....no problem ,another truck goes around it and the production keeps moving.
  13. Don't know why they don't use Newcastle, hundreds of hectares of wasteland docks, a waterfront transformation that has largely failed, plenty of cheap labour, good road link to Sydney etc.
    I wonder if the decision to use Pt Kempla was based on the RTA/State Government building the Nowra/ Braidwood road, teh road that's now been canned past Nerriga?

    Regards, Andrew.
  14. Pro-Pilot, you are needed here,sport.
  15. Eh, I can think of reasons not to.

    BHP's old site is still basically a toxic wasteland, and the port's shipping traffic is pretty durn busy too. I mean, it's only the largest coal terminal in the entire world in terms of megatonnes per annum. A new coal loading terminal is being designed and built as we speak for NCIG, by the company I work for.

    The road link to Sydney's reasonably good though, yes.
  16. They are going to use Newcastle.. however it is agood 5yrs from completion date... that is able to accept vessels..... They will be receiving primarily Break Bulk and containers.
    Break Bulk is freight that is too big to fit in containers...... Like D12 Dozers, Heavy mining equipment, tractors, TONKA type trucks, Front end loaders etc,etc.

    So they will be coming down the F3 all night long :LOL: :eek:
    Imagine trying to get that sort of gear up Mac Pass :roll: :shock:

    But as I said they are years away from being fully operational

  17. Pffft. Doesn't make it a busy port. I've worked on Newcastle harbour, lucky to see 3 ships a day leave. As I said, HEAPS of derelict wharfage going to waste up there, new loader or not.
    Just because your company is designing and building something for a tiny part of teh port does not an expert make.

    Regards, Andrew.
  18. http://www.newportcorp.com/page_default.aspx?pageID=5

    Also read the plans for the port.

    Try 3000 ships a year ,looking out an office window ,doesn't not a harbour master make. :LOL:

    What did you do on the Harbour Andrew ?.

    The shipping companies are already blowing up about not being able to unload in Sydney ,one of the company's are refusing to go to port Kembla and are still be unloaded in Sydney .

    The cost of transporting the cargo back to Sydney is costing to much ,even from Wollongong .

    The shipping companies won't go to Newcastle ,they can build a super wharf and nice new cranes etc ,they still won't go there its to far.
  19. Mate the government doesn't give a damn what the cost of transport is... that will have to be absorbed by the consumer.. with everyones cut on top :wink:

    And they have invested way too much to pull out. I guarantee the gong and newcastle will go ahead. ..... the shipping companies don't build the port... or supply the cranes..... they own the ships.
    DP World and Toll will bring the gear - cranes, gantries etc,etc.

    And the shipping lines blowing up... well who gives a damn.... not the government... I doubt the lines will refuse.. they will do what they are told or get fined probably........ what will they do,decide not to call NSW ports.... i doubt it :grin: