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Car carriers? Anyone used one?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by removed-6, Mar 30, 2007.

  1. I need to get an idea what it will cost to move a car from Townsville to Melb. Anyone used a car carrier before can give me an idea, and possibly a recomendation of who to use?

  2. How do new cars get up there? Ask a dealer. See if you can get on a backload.
    I trucked a car back from Perth 10 yrs ago. Left the car at the Finmores depot and they loaded it as part of a backload. Perth to Melb was about $400.
  3. I've got a friend who recently moved a car from townsville to perth. I'll ask him tomorrow who he used.
  4. Herad horror stories about both Toll and TNT.
    Often if moving, furniture movers will tow a car trailer as well, you can either get a one way trailer rental, or get the furniture removalists to return the trailer. I did the latter when moving my truck.

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. I am doing an insurance job for a Toll stuff up at the moment and last time we had a car come through TNT it took 4 days to come from Sunshine to the North Melbourne. I will ask on monday for you.
  6. He used Toll, through the army, and they damaged his car.
  7. My parents had their cars shipped Canberra -> Perth about a month back through Toll (through another company) and they didn't have any issues at all, cars got there in less than 2 weeks, rather than the month they got quoted
  8. You can get an email quote bud. They have depots in Townsville & Melbourne
    which is perfect for you.

    (4) types of transport, each with diff costs. Depot-to-Depot is cheapest


    "we have placed online our last 30 hand quoted transport prices. Whilst you
    cannot book your transport on this price, it should prove to be a good resource
    for customers requiring an idea of transport costs."

  9. Thanks MG thet was very helpful, $669 Townsville -> Melb.

    Thanks for everyones help :grin:
  10. No probs champ. :wink:
  11. i'll drive it for ya! :D
    kinda a cool way to spend a weekend... fly up, drive back :D
  12. :LOL:

    Thanks, but I don't think Townsville to Melb would be OK as "driving to the place of repair" before I get the roadworthy.

    Plus, It would be a dead boring drive I reckon.