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Car Batteries

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by vic, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. $200?????????? :shock:

    Teach me for buying European :(

  2. You didn't buy from the dealer, did you?

    (Although, a top 3 year warranty battery costs $180 odd...)
  3. Nah, haven't got one yet.

    Looking around at prices and found most of them to be around the $200 mark.

    Need to find one, jump start the car and go get one.

    Or I could Holler for a Marshall for $199

    Will see what prices I find by ringing around tomorrow
  4. Prices are amazing! I picked up a two year warranty battery for the commode and it set me back $145 odd... from supacheap.

    I've since learned that there are battery reconditioners about the place that will get you a battery for about 1/3 the price...
  5. Cheapest I found outside rob's recommendations was K-mart. Batteries off the shelf. Little as $100 for something that will last a couple of years.
  6. lol, I too was "living in the 70's" about the price of car batteries.
    I needed one for my car last week, I figured about $80 should get me a good one....
    :shock: wrong.

    However, after going to Kmart, they had batteries on special last week, I noticed most were in the $120-$180 range, BUT....
    they also had MASSEE batteries and I got one for $57 :)
  7. The difference with Supercheap is that they get their batteries replaced or tested every week, apparently it happens on a Tuesday... you can be sure of getting a decent fresh battery.

    I dunno whether you could trust a kmart battery to be as fresh. However, at $57 a pop - that's hard to argue against!
  8. That "Battery World" mob are good. Batteries for everything from trucks to vibrators. Good prices too.
  9. $200 doesnt sound too bad,compared to $150 :shock: I paid for a battery for the bike and I had to put the acid in it and charge it my self
  10. $170 from K-Mart Auto.

    Calcium Battery, Extra Heavy Duty, 2 year warranty, maintenance free, condition indicator, Exide Brand.

    Car is happy again.
  11. Quoted $330 from the KTM dealer for a Yuasa for my bike.
    (Did find one at Intyre for $270).

    FWIW, the Repco branded heavy duty in my rarely used car has lasted 9 years now, and never failed to start. Cost $130 IIRC.
  12. Give me a call next time vic . I'd see what price I could've gotten for you.
    ( Trade pricing ) :wink:
  13. Is that all? $680 quote from the dealer to replace the battery in the Jag on a routine service (cracked cover). Battery World to the rescue $280!
  14. You could get the same battery from Ebay australia... approx $70. Loading the acid is a simple process.
  15. Next time?

    Why couldn't you help me out this time??? :p
  16. Sorry, my psychic abilities seems to have diminished with age.
    I should have caught on the day my ear started twitching, but I thought it was just my ipod earplugs :LOL:
  17. meh, it was all there for you to read.

    I know your sort, wait till we've blown a heap of dough on stuff then you pipe up with "next time, ask me" :p
  18. :rofl:

    Well if the toolbar was working ... :-w