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Car audio troubleshoot

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Maetrik, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. A bit of a background...

    My car audio (Kicker amp, 2 splits, 2 tweeters) stopped working for god knows what reason around 3-4 months ago.

    Having got my bike recently my car is becoming increasingly neglected and i have not yet got around to getting it fixed.

    However i was driving along yesterday and i heard a high pitch crackle which was occurring every few minutes. At the time i didn't realise but it was coming from the tweeters. Out of nowhere, the splits start working but with bass only, no treble whatsoever.

    I've never known a thing about car audio unfortunately, can anyone here shed some light on where i should be looking for a possible loose wire or a faulty terminal? I thought the whole system had gone to god, but with the intermittent crackling and now the bass coming out of the splits, im convinced something is loose.

    Anyone have any ideas? I've checked the amp and everything appears to be in place....i tried to get the head unit out however Holden has decided to make VS trim around it ****in impossible to get off.

  2. It sounds like a loose connection in the crossovers, but the problem is it's in both channels....
    Take it to a good car audio shop, not a KMART type joint.
    A serious shop could diagnose it quick smart.
  3. JB Hi-Fi installed it, and the dude who did it got fired like a month after it was put in.

    I've got cables dangling from under the glove compartment, so it was truly a shitty job.

    Any suggestions of where to take it in metro melb? I was thinking a different JB but given the first go at it, im a bit sceptical.
  4. Yeah, my suggestion would be to take it somewhere that specialises in car audio rather than any big-box store (including J8), but maybe avoid true audiophile more-money-than-sense shops that are likely to charge like wounded bulls. But IMO it's a 'take it to someone' situation, because they have the tools and experience to check it all out and sort it quickly.
  5. Try to follow every power wire coming from the amp, check earth wire, power wire, acc wire and so on, sounds like a loose earth to me, make sure it's bolted down to a clean bit of metal, not painted underneath, check battery terminal and the rather large fuse near the battery, follow thick red wire to fuse from battery
  6. I fix speakers for a living, car audio is a nightmare...

    Sounds like you might have some engine noise coming through somewhere, otherwise, loose wires as above.

    Does it happen when you're stopped but the engine is going? If so engine noise, if it only happens when you're moving, loose wires.

    If it's engine noise you'll need to add a capacitor to the +12V line or use an isolating transformer on the signal cables.
  7. Only when moving, it doesn't sound like engine noise. Im 99% sure he encountered the engine noise problem when he installed it, so he installed this little silver box between the amp and one of the splits.

    Im guessing its a capacitor.

    Given what ive described, would you know where to look for the loose wire or could it be anywhere. I ask because i can't get the headunit out, so if it is there im going to have to take it somewhere to get looked at.
  8. Thanks for that goz, i'll suss it out when i get home.
  9. When you follow the power cable, make sure the RCA cables that come off the back of the head unit don't travel along the same side of the car (ie...power cable running on passenger and RCA cables on the drivers...or vice versa depending on which side power cable is fed through firewall).

    Does the amp power up at all? if not a fuse may have blown or as goz said, loose earth.
  10. car audio bogota has some helpful clips on youtube.