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Car audio buffs -help needed-

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by robbied, Dec 30, 2008.

  1. Im just getting into car audio and need some advice from you more experienced guys.

    I just installed some MB quart FSA 216 component speakers in my car.
    The tweeters are mounted right next to the door handles pointing diagonally upwards towards the centre of my roof.
    The crossover is not adjustable on this model.

    The problem is that the tweeters are really bright/overbearing, even with the highs turned down -5 on the headunit.

    I have played around with their positioning and will continue to do so.
    If you could recommend any good spots to position bright tweeters that would be great.

    Also, could experimenting with the phasing help? I don't know much about this so any advice would be appreciated.

  2. have you tried turning defeat on your headunit? then the speakers will run with their own native crossover settings
  3. Edit: My headunit does not have a defeat setting. What else can I do?
  4. Rob,

    Check the crossovers for the speakers. The old MBs used to have a tweeter adjustment on there (-2dB, -4dB, -6d8) for tweeter attenuation. MBs are typically quite top heavy. read: harsh

    I think your model is the new chinese made MB Quart. Not actually the original MB Quart. (some chinese company bought the name and are now producing speakers with it. totally different from the old stuff)

    If there isnt tweeter attenuation on the crossovers, you will need to get a head unit that has some sort of eq built in. OR, stick tape over the tweeters. That'll tone em down.
  5. I've playing around with my headunit and the EQ settings on it.
    I set the highs to -8 which helped a lot.
    Turned off the Sony "DM+" optimizer feature which definately cut down some of the harshness.

    I've now got it sounding great! Definately less harsh and scratchy.
  6. try mounting them down on the kick panels (in the footwells)

    youll get a more level and even sound because they will be of a similar distance to your ears instead of one close and one far, this will help sound positioning more and reduce the levels
  7. x2
  8. cant u just hook a resistor up?
  9. good call - all good advice in this thread
    i'm fabricating some fibreglass/wood kick panels when i upgrade my 2 way components to three way components in the front

    alternatively you can aim the tweeters away from your head so it bounces around the car more
    i imagine the resonant frequency of the vehicle might dull the higher frequencies as they bounce around the cabin

    see if you can acquire some varying frequency "pink noise" and "white noise" samples on the internet
    you can get varying degrees of -3db and 1 octave samples to help you work out how you want certain ranges to sound

    i use a pink noise disk frequently as i bathe my home theater setups
  10. I have the entire range (white, pink etc.) on disk if you want me to e-mail it to you.... Do what bammbamm said. He knows his shit :)
  11. i'd do this, i have done it previously when installing tweeters without cross overs and it worked really well.