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Car air-bag recall

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by A boy named Sue, May 21, 2015.

  1. Kevlar vest
  2. First be thankful you haven't needed the air bag yet.

    A good case for when something for nothing is a bad thing
  3. I actually feel safer knowing that all those drivers are now afraid to crash...
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  4. Check the ACCC website to see if your car is subject to a recall. Toyota, Nissan and Chrysler are all acting so if yours is affected it should appear.

    Whether you need to contact the original dealer depends on how traceable the car is. If you're the first owner and still at the same address you should be getting notification . The more hands the car's been through or the more changes of address you've had, the harder it will be for Toyota to find you, and it. I'd probably be giving them a call anyway (or Toyota Australia) so that someone, at least, knows where the car is.

    Mind you, the scale of the thing is unprecedented. Even the Ford/Firestone debacle in the US doesn't come close.

    In the meantime, don't crash.
  5. It's not a common occurance though is it? But if you are worried, you could simply pull the fuse in the meantime.
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  6. I'd wait a while before taking it in, wouldn't want to get a rushed mechanic making a cock up.
  7. I disagree, get it booked ASAP. Given the size of this, it could be a year before you get in. And it's not a difficult job for a mechanic, only the manufacturer.
  8. Takata is saying in returned airbags, about 1 in 100 has uncontained* shrapnel...

    do you feel lucky? how many times have you triggered an airbag on your life? :D
  9. The news I saw was saying no parts available until next year and it wil take two years for them to manufacture enough parts. They also had someone on who declared that deactivating the airbag makes the vehicle unroadworthy.

    Standard Netrider advice applies I guess (as above): don't crash.

    Having said that, I don't think there have been any occasions of death or injury in Australia. I would guess there would be relatively fewer deployments because they're designed under the assumption the occupant(s) are wearing seat belts.
  10. I read the fault had something to do with water leaking into the explosive charge. 7 years parked outside in Parkes NSW (with the dew point normally about 30C less than the ambient temperature) probably dried things out pretty well.

    FWIW original owner and less than 50k on the clock (mostly in the country)...any offers? ;)
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