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Car advice, please....

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. I'm considering a new(er) car, and this caught my eye on carsales


    Does anyone have any sage advice, running costs, insurance for an old geezer of 63, general information from experience, please???
  2. Watch out for ball joints and front end issues being all wheel drive also gearboxes on these can be bloody expensive. My mate had one and it cost him a fortune. I guess like anything if it has a good service history and good owners and you look after it too then it may give you no problems. Good luck Hornet...
  3. If its around the 100K mark make sure this service has been done - its a biggie $1600 at the stealer, $900 elsewhere.
  4. My wife has a 2010 model Liberty and we owned a 1989 Touring Wagon years ago.

    Great cars, but yes when something goes wrong they are expensive. Servicing costs are about the same as a Camry (maybe a little more a major service) and insurance for our 2010 model (bought new) is just over $600 (that's for a 42yr old female primary driver and a 46yr old male secondary driver in country NSW).

    One thing I noticed with our 2010 Liberty is that it is a bit sluggish on accelaration between 80 and 120. Mind you I don't drive very often and any car I can afford to drive is going to be sluggish compared to a Bandit.
  5. Thanks, folks, helpful as always
  6. Selling a bike and buying a car? Is this the end of your motorbiking?
  7. I'd say it's the end of one of the uglier cars designed (assuming first gen)
  8. Check the fog light switch. They always seem to get broken in the 'on' position.
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    Nope, updating the car AND the bike: the bike's up for sale and the car will be in the next few days.
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    Nope, Gen 2, 1995 V6 manual.
  11. i think my dad used to have this model, perhaps the one before. i thnk he had some trouble with the cv joints, not 100% on that though.

    good cars if a bit expensive to fix, which has alkready been said!

    i drove a 98 liberty when i was looking, nice car to drive! (compared to my previous drives, at least ;) )
  12. Good cars, and if you look after them and service them regularly, they will go for ages.

    Also, if you find a good mechanic that specialises in Subarus and is not attached to a dealer, the service and repair costs are less.
  13. My wife had this car Liberty Heritage (Luxury) wagon. Good car generally and she managed to full it full of crap that wouldn't fit in her purse.

    One issue is that it was a bit thirsty for a 2.5L engine and that's probably due to the constant AWD so that's something to think about. Servicing...don't do it at Subaru as the last one we did cost $1200.00! and there was essentially nothing wrong (but was a major service).

    Cheers Spocky
  14. Run!!!!

    the Automatic Gearboxes on the Verada were an absolute disaster, the Base model Magna's were tough as nails, but the fully electronic models fitted to the Verada's were as reliable as a Hand Grenade with it's pin removed.

    Had a good friend who worked for the local Mitsubishi Dealer for about 10 years in the Parts Department, he used to tell me the horror stories of when the gear boxes in the Verada's used to fail, they would work fine for years, then the ECU would have a brain fart, throw the gear box into park or reverse on the highway and kill itself.

    when he left about 5 years ago, they were still seeing them come in on a regular basis with blown gear boxes, holes blown in cases, and on and on the faults used to go. Apparently a number of owners used to fit the base models Auto box as that was a very reliable unit. not as smooth to change and could not learn your driving style, but at least the Gearbox ECU wouldn't commit ritual Seppuku
  15. this is the Tiptonic gearbox you're talking about (not being argumentative, asking for info)?
  16. Cam belt replacement time by any chance?

    Hmmm. Might explain why I've seen a few very shiny Veradas for sale for not very much money at all.
  17. .. and in the mean time my mechanic says if I buy a JSII 2.2 manual Vectra it will make him rich

  18. I had a vectra when they first came out in the UK as a company car. While uninspiring to drive it was a good work horse - I put close 80,000 miles on it in a little under two years; with one breakdown which was the exhaust parting company at 85 in the outside lane.
  19. Not sure, he just said the Automatic Gearbox, If it was anything other than a Manual he said to run a mile, even if it was being offered cheap.

    He always said to every owner it's not a case of if it will happen, but when!