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Car advice here as well please FORD KUGA

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Takamii, Apr 14, 2012.

  1. Looking at a car for my mother who is 64 years old

    She has always driven large capacity 6 cyclinder cars

    XB Falcon in the 70's 250 cubic inch 6
    ZL Fairlane in the 80's 4.0 litre 6
    R31 Nissan Skyline in the 90's/00's 3.0 litre 6
    Ed falcon 4.0 litre in the last 3 years

    Thinking about the new Ford KUGA SUV with the 2.5 litre turbo 5 cylinder 144 kw XR5 engine with 5 speed semi auto box ( or a Mitsubishi Turbo Ralliart Lancer but prefer the Kuga)

    Drives well , roomy , easy to get in and out of , goes much better than the competitors such as the Mazda CX5 and Mitsubishi ASX for example

    As they are new model does any one now or have any experience with them ?

    Anyone work at a Ford dealership want to do me a deal on one ? If yes please PM me - would prefer to do business with a fellow netrider

  2. Might be completely wrong and off-the-planet but I think I heard that this Kuga is an interim thing on the Aussie market and will be replaced within 12 months or so by a new model.
  3. I found that out as well recently that in Early 2013 new model comes out and we get it the same time as europe
  4. Is she a good driver?
    i know its not what you want for her.. but i think suzuki swifts are good value, a mate i used to work with had two of them, one for him and one for his wife, now she has a fwd.. and its just so big its ridiculous.

    i just hate fwds.

  5. The KUga is no bigger than a lancer just "lifted up " its like a subaru forrester
  6. subaru forester?
  7. It's a pumped up Focus, and you should NEVER buy the first attempt at anything, especially from Ford.

    The other manufacturers have been doing soft-roaders for years and are into their third and fourth generations; they've honed and proven their technology. Ford are still thrashing around like beached whales figuring out how they are going to break the news that the Falcon is dead in the water and won't be replaced by a Commodore-like vehicle.

    (Have you noticed that Ford are not mentioning the Falcon at all in their model-range TV adverts, and even in the model-specific adverts, it's called the G50; the word "Falcon" is not to be heard?)
  8. The Kuga is well written about and has been well tested in Europe. We are getting it late, so it is likely to be replaced in the near future, as highlighted above.

    On the upside the Volvo engine is meant to be a beuwdy.

    I own a Forrester and they are qwerky things. Good in many respects, but with annoying bits and pieces. To match the Kuga you'd need to get the XT and they are not cheap.

    New Mazda CX5 is getting good reviews. The VW Tiguron seems like good value to me.
  9. Had not noticed that all to be honest
  10. yeas I am wondering if I should wait 8 months as the new model looks very nice and has a much better updated interior

    I think it will get better mod cons as standard such as reverse mirror , sat nav and so on
  11. The current Kuga is the same one that has been on sale in europe for 4 years or so. It's a great car to drive, but IMO we didn't get the best powertrain. The I5 is pretty thirsty and it's only a 5-speed box. Lots of toys and a very good build quality and I'd buy one if it wasn't being pitched at the same price as a territory.

    If you want to hold off for the new Kuga next year there will be a lot more options both in terms of trim level and engines. The one we've got now is a stopgap to put the nameplate in the market and salvage Escape sales. The vey low numbers of the current ar that are being imported probably limit the deal you'll be able to get, but then again if you don't ask....

    whatever you decide - good luck.
  12. Get her a bike
  13. few questions;

    Why and SUV/soft roader?
    How many passengers does she normaly take?
    What is the budget?
    Is performance an important part of the decision?

    Coming from an ED Falcon, even a Festiva is going to feel far more nimble and is probably just a quick as an ED but a hell of a lot safer and more comfortable.