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Captions please!

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' at netrider.net.au started by Gromit, Jan 15, 2006.

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  2. Now looking forward into a corner on a track is one thing but looking past a bare arse standing in front of you is not good
  3. omg its guy!

    I had this costume party at melb zoo for my 17th bday. One of my friends turned up in a afro wig, as a clown. This kid chased him, yelling "its guy! its guy sebastian!"
  4. 1. NURSE!!!

    2. It grows on you

    3. Lane-splitting???
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  6. Get out the car Vale!

    "umm, in a minute :oops: * *thank god for the mirror*
  7. No. 1 ...... the result of not wearing leathers
  8. No.2 ..... somebody needed a bikini waxing before the ride
  9. No.3 ..... now those netriders wont be able to ridicule my scooter , now i can match them for performance ... i just hope grandma doesnt find out im using her wheel chair wheels for training wheels
  10. No. 1: If I just pull on this string...

    Viva La Figa! :wink:
  11. 1. Who put this woman here... don't they know it's all about me?

    2. Smee... after his back, crack and sack wax attempts a new form of recycling.

    3. When I said I wanted a bike that would really fly... I didn't mean one that would really really fly you @#$%!


    3. After an extended break from bikes Vic decided he needed some extra safety features...
  12. 1. Valentino contemplates his planned upcoming 2006 ride.
    2. Valentino's actual upcoming 2006 ride.
    3. Valentino's father, wanting to cash in on his sons fame, has invented his version of the ultimate bike. The ultimate bike is fuel efficient, can carry a ton of feathers, and best of all, can be used for aerial fertilising of his rose beds.
  13. 1) this is an arse i could follow all day.. bring on secind place!

    2)the yeti!.. now also comes on 2 wheels.

    3)a little more air in those tyres and we could have our first hover-scooter..
  14. 1: Rossi: "I am worlds best bike rider, the last bike I rode will tell you. She is there"

    2: You can always tell Italian bikes by looking at them

    3: Mythbusters proves that scooters can do more than 100 km/h