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Caption time - Ktulu? Loz?

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by smee, Sep 29, 2008.

  1. Shamelessly stolen from aus.motorcycles newsgroups but this photo is a pissa

  2. A-Style... mmm D-style.
  3. "Here. let me massage your ego"
  4. My pimp uses 4 fingers like this
  5. The golden rule really is best... 'do unto others as you would have them do unto you'
  6. Finger Lickin Good
  7. haha priceless

    and bring Loz with you
  9. I'll smile if you use your finger...like this.
  10. "who wants a cupcake?"

    "mmmm... cupcake"
  11. Nibor wins the thread! But anyway...

    A-style alien space girl completes her Earth mission by extracting pure, concentrated testosterone from the world's most potent source - motorcycle racers.

    Oh, and I can see her fanny.
  12. "...That's funny, I can fit both of Casey's in here..."
  13. lol Chef
    "is that a 2-stroke?"
  14. Get ready for 2 bikes, 1 cup.
  15. "I wonder if that finger tastes the way I expect"
  16. lmao

    just realised what the symbol on her shirt is :rofl:
  17. Finger lickin good (referring to the guy in the background)
  18. "The weigh-in seems to be taking alot longer than usual this year "
  19. My penis in her hand is worth two in the bush. :cool:

    "Cough please"?
    "What type of army is this"?
    "And if you are the doctor, who the hell was that before and why did he shove his finger up my arse"?
    "oh, that wasn't his finger"! :cool: