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Caption this!!!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Chef, Mar 3, 2009.

  1. [​IMG]

  2. Traffic actually stops for Zebra crossing.
  3. Police confiscate modified, high horse powered vehicle under hoon laws.
  4. Polizei, & Brown-eye
  5. "How many did I have? One at the bar, one playing dart, then I bled the lizard, then . . . .? How long was I there? Breath and smile."
  6. hey i thought it says "see ya noob" :LOL:
  7. :rofl: @ port80
  8. Look mum. One handed.
  9. 'European police make an ass of things, in slippery conditions'

    I think that the zebra has a dart on its left side.

    Anyone find anything on the web about it. (escape from zoo, or so?)
  10. No that's his left indicator.
  11. "What took you so long? Park immediately, place the stool behind the animal and hold the tail for me."
  12. "This is a photo of a horses arse

    and a Zebra"
  13. LMFAO
  14. "I hope this copper speaks english..."
  15. Unusual speed camera design goes on trail in Europe..
  16. Very creative. Luv em all, got some good laughs out of that. :LOL:

    I was going to go with...
    "......in other News, a horse was arrested today for cross dressing..."

  17. You win Chef.
  18. stop. zebra crossing.