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Caption contest!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Gromit, Mar 14, 2007.

  1. Here's the pic

    By 4.00pm Vic was getting sick and tired of wannabe's demanding he pose for a photo with them...

  2. problem with the image gromit???

    oops, sorry, all good now :oops:
  3. Oh my gawd!! It's that guy from the Adams Family!!
  4. Said in best Billy Burmingham wired world of sport impersonation voice- Vic I need a change, perhaps bike commentary-maybe even netrider moderator-its these farkin cars, going round and round and round,its sooo farkin boring :LOL:
  5. "Shown above: Celebrity race commentator Murray Walker with the man it is alleged has been stalking him for the last five years"

    :LOL: :LOL:
  6. A sympathetic, but well-entertained Murray Walker responds to Vic's tales of his recent Tasmanian adventures:

    "Spread-eagled, you say? Never mind, Vic, you know anything can happen in Tassie and it usually does" **

    **apologies for reigniting painful memories and btw this is a 'Murrayism' just so you know, otherwise it makes even less sense :wink:
  7. I wish doctors could fix my sons drooling problem.
    The bib hes wearing is the 3rd one today.
  8. "Grinning like a cheshire cat, Murray Walker does a hopawaite 'digit trick', putting the rent-a-cop back in his place"
  9. that'd be "Hopoate" !

    Vic - "you are very unattractive man"
  10. No wonder I couldn't find it on google :LOL: Thanks Doonks, I am now fully informed :p
  11. Vic "Get your hand off my ass you freak" Murray "Just smile for the camera sweetie"
  12. "It's the easiest job in the world Vic. Memorise the order they're in after the first lap, and put a stopwatch on the pitstops. Even YOU could do it."
  13. "One of them is a loud-mouthed, excitable adrenaline freak who comments on events and issues he doesn't understand, the other is Murray Walker"
  14. May I remind you all that I'm watching :evil:
  15. Woops, sorry, I'll stop using big words.... :grin:
  16. :eek:wned:
  17. Muzza: "So does Paddock mean you are put out to pasture?"
    Vic: "Keep smiling old man or i'll squeeze them harder"
  18. "... and even though he was worried when Vic said 'I've got candy, get in the van', he decided to ignore his concerns"
  19. not really a caption but...

    water back pack with vodka and lime $80
    cheap imatation cb $20
    stealing a secuirty guards id and pullover $free

    farting in front of Murry walker while leering drunkenly at the camera girl = Priceless
  20. Muzza: Want me to pull the other one?

    Vic: (no comment required, you've all seen the smile)