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Caption competition - eswen's

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by es, Dec 19, 2005.

  1. Winner can have their choice of:
    1. clown p0rn
    2. invite to geek night
    3. block of chocolate. valid as pick up or dilevery in melb metro only.
    4. nothing

    all pics can be found here
    some NWS. all are photos Ive taken in the last year. Dont worry I wont be offended at you poking fun at my friends :(

    There are 14 pictures. Dont need to caption all of them to be considered for winner.
    enjoy :D

  2. You expect the caption-masters to get their caption on for CLOWN p0rn?

    Pffff. Jerk.
  3. like i said.... your choice of :LOL:

    check out the pics, some are funny as :D
  4. If I don't win, can I still have prize No4 ?
  5. no way in hell :D
  6. Mean biatch!!!
  7. Right, that's it, I'm gonna report you for intellectual harrasment.. :p
  8. Don't you get started, or we'll have to call you Jerky McJerkJerk.
  9. *blocks ears* I cant hear you!! *stars singing... captain planet, hes our hero...*
    jerky freak :(
  10. No. 10: Mirror Scene: "Are you talking to me?"
  11. No 10 - Mirror Scene - Hey baby, you wanna make out?
  12. Holy flying fruitcake, how do you know Rob?
  13. Ok now theres a response i wasnt expecting...
  14. yeah, but like ... how?
  15. you first :p
  16. Hey, he's on *your* photo album.
  17. pfft. you admitted to knowing him :p

    originally met him through paganism
  18. We work for the same company in similar roles. Different sites though.
  19. Photo No
    1. I am getting laid tonight
    2. would you loke cashews with that ?
    3. can you crome cooking oil?
    4.your going to be that F#$%ed matt when eswin finds that camera
    5. Pass on that one , boogies bigger than me :LOL:
    6.Its ninja turtle time
    7. ???
    8.see it hangs all the way down here ...no socks
    9.take me baby
    10. I truly wasnt tugging , there was a spider on my lap
    11. The turd was that thick
    12. you idiot :D
    13. juicy lucy rides again
    14. whys the hole on here back
    15. with a mouth like that it would be like throwing a sausage up a hallway