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captain safety does it again

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by flexorcist, Nov 15, 2006.

  1. aaaaaaaaaaah this morning. t'was a bit fresh and a bit moist out near my way. so i figure i'll sacrifice sexy for comfort and out i step with my orange hiking pants over my jeans. water proof. abrasion resistant. many pockets. good visibility. so then, looking for all the world like captain safety i proceed to lock myself out of the house with no gloves. well done son. surprised i can still type coz my GOD DAMN HANDS ARE F'N NUUUUUUUUUUUMB.

  2. :LOL:*100 sorry, can't stop laughing........
  3. ... I have a spare key hidden on my land somewhere to avoid this exact scenario...

    Got locked out once... once is enough!

    How'd ya get back in Capn Safety?
  4. Ditto, but mine is 'hidden' on the collar of Manny, my cranky, very territorial, very protective, Norwegian Elkhound. He wanders around the property all day just hoping today will be the day someone tries to take it off him.. :twisted:
  5. Hey inci - post a pic of Manny for us! :LOL:
  6. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    *Only laughing because it is something I would do. Nice to know that it's not just me :)
  7. normally i can get my window off the lock from the outside. but lastnight i was too drunk and broke my window, so fixed it good. so i had to get a key from work. i haveone there. now its hailing. no gloves. omfg. nooooooooo. llook out for the freezing kid in the orange pants.
  8. That is hilarious. Sorry to laugh in your moment of frustration, but that is so god damn funny.
  9. That is hilarious. Sorry to laugh in your moment of frustration, but that is so god damn funny..
  10. ... :-k me thinks flexo wont be getting into that predicament again!!

    Nice key hidey place Inci... woof! grrrrrrrr!

  11. Na he’s laughing at you.

    You haven’t done up your shoe laces
    :LOL: :LOL:
  12. Thats not me, that's the 'blister in law'......she's more vicious than the dog.
  13. He looks like a happy dog. Let me guess - is your postie a nervous wreck?

  14. Then maybe you should hide the key around her neck? :grin:
  15. been locked out of my place three times.

    Once aages ago at 4am in winter, without shoes on :oops: smart move that was. shoulda gone to my gf's place as funny enough i had car keys but not house keys.... Never occured to me funny enough.

    Once 2 yrs ago in the middle of the day in summer, got an icecream container and a stanley knife and used the curved section to push the latch in (big chunk of steel around the doorframe stops a plain "credit card in & swipe it open" job). Told the then girlfriend after as i thought she'd find it as piss funny as i did, nuh uh, she got all neurotic on me her:"if you can open it, any idiot can" me: "gee thanks, no really", wonder why she's an ex 'eh?

    and 2 months ago with the new gf, we both walked out of the door and as i heard it go *click* i turned and said "you've got keys right?" her: "no i thought you had them... (she trails off saying this realising the level of crap were in). a quick bolt down to the unit recycling bin yields a strawberry punnet container which i hack up the above door opener thingy again, we get into the unit within 5 minutes and get the keys and then proceed out the door. To go to my grandfathers FUNERAL!!!

    needless to say were both a bit neurotic now about the "you got keys?" thing before we close the door.