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QLD Capricorn Coast - New Rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Scrub, Oct 12, 2016.

  1. G'day everyone. :emoji_flag_hm:

    Had my license for a few months now so I figured I'd join up and start posting as no-one I know really cares about Bikes and it irks me to death not being able to talk about them ever.
    Originally bought my Bike as a cheap way to get to work, having a big ol' dirty petrol 4x4 just wasn't a viable option.
    These days I tend to ride the bike any excuse I get, shelved the car nearly entirely. I live in a Coastal town so the rides down the coast are excellent, minus the fact that none of my mates have bikes and I have no one to ride with.
    I got my :emoji_flag_th:Thai Import 2006 Honda CBR150R (Blue/Black) for $1,000 with 6000k's on it. It'd been sitting for a few years and just needed the oils/plug and fuel changed and it passed it's RWC with flying colours. Thought having an import of an already uncommon Bike over here would be sweet. I was dead wrong, upgrades and even standard parts are an absolute nightmare to come by. As a result the Bike currently remains completely stock.

    Hoping to change all that as I get into the forums a bit more.

    Cheers for having me.

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  2. Welcome it's good to have you on board
  3. Welcome aboard ScrubScrub !
    There are heaps of people to chat all about bikes here.
    First bike being an import will make things a lot harder getting bits that's for sure. Hopefully, being a Honda, it will not need much. There are places where you can source parts from for anything but. Just have to wait a bit longer.
    Anyway, there will be lots of advice you can get from here.
    Post up some pics from your rides. Would like to see what it all looks like up there!
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  4. Welcome to NR mate
  5. Welcome ScrubScrub. Solo riding is awesome! Nothing better for one's own mental health I reckon! Good luck accessorising your beastie. I'm so intrigued to see what it'll look like!
  6. Welcome and congrats on the bike, sounds a good buy.
  7. Welcome Scrub :) I joined for similar reasons, and found some very awesome people around these halls. Enjoy the madness!
  8. Haven't had to replace any parts yet, been a dream. Done about 2000k's so far. Getting parts from Thailand seems pretty easy but I don't read it too well/at all, and now with the new CBR150R out finding parts for mine and not the new one is even more challenging.

    All the pictures I've got at the moment, were from the first day I got it.
    Would love to get an exhaust for it so it doesn't sound like a Postie-bike, haha. That and somehow upgrade the Headlights, cause it's an Import it has some BPF Type bulbs and not the standard H4's. They're 15W and about as bright as a Parker, so they're essentially useless. Eventually get around to removing the Australian Flags aswell. Heaps of other small mods aswell are on the list, but may never happen.




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  9. welcome aboard :)

    Post some pics when you can
  10. Welcome ScrubScrub

    Glad to see another Queenslander join the ranks of the weirdly insane.
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  11. Welcome ScrubScrub!

    A lot of riders spend a heap of money modifying their bikes so they aren't like the
    next guy's, your's is there already!
  12. That's True lilhoglilhog , few mods couldn't hurt though haha.
    Cheers all for the Welcome messages didn't expect a response like this, that's for sure.
    On a semi-unrelated note, got my Rego renewal papers for the bike Friday. Can't say I'm not in love with the price of Rego on a Bike.
  13. welcome ScrubScrub! how cool ! Little blue bike - i approve :) Good luck with the mods when you can muster them. But what ever the case; enjoy riding it first and foremost! There's plenty here to keep you amused by, and plenty of peeps to share stories with or info. Good Luck!
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