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Caponord VS Multistrada

Discussion in 'Adventure/Enduro' started by jamyca54, Jan 17, 2015.

  1. Hi Guys
    My old man is looking at either getting the Aprilia Caponord or the Ducati Multistrada 2014 model just the normal ABS model not the heaps expensive ones. Just was wondering what are your guys thoughts on both bikes and are there any problems that we should know about before deciding which bike to go for?

    Thanks everyone
  2. Although I have no direct experience of either bike, I would imagine the warranty situation would play a major part in the decision making. And perhaps servicing costs.
    Fairly easy to research.
  3. I came pretty close to buying a Multi and did look at the Caponord. I think the Caponord is probably the smarter choice but the Multi is just so good and so sexy....

    Re warranty as per Titus, I'm not sure I have a lot of faith in either importer to be honest but there seems to be a lot more Multis getting about so I guess parts etc etc will be more readily available for them. Never got as far as researching the servicing on the Caponord, the Multi wasn't too bad. Not as bad as I was expecting at least....
  4. I have a 2014 Multistrada GT and it's a brilliant bike !
    My friend has a Caponord also a great bike .which I have also ridden
    The difference the Multi is more powerful and handles better and in my opinion looks sexier !
    Servicing costs similar
    Warranty Ducati had a 3 year unlimited Kms so I got it
    However the Multi is more expensive but hey it's a Ducati !
  5. I'm pretty sure servicing is similar with both bikes. And also warranty. But that's a good point put forward that there are more multistradas which means more parts are available if anything happens. Thanks guys
  6. Does the Multi engine still have a timing belt, and if so how much does the replacement cost and when is it due?
    I suppose this is only relevant if the bloke intends to keep it long enough to need the job done.

    I did read an in-depth comparison of the electronic suspension systems of these two bikes. The conclusion was that the Aprilia system was more advanced and did a better job of smoothing out the bumps. The downside was that it didn't actually feel better, although it was probably more comfortable.

    Bear in mind that there is an updated Multi due this year.
  7. From memory I think it does. And apparently it's every 2 years and it's near $1000 I think. Well we are looking at the model without the automatic suspension but have heard that aprilia does have really good suspension.

    Yea the new multistrada looks good bit more ponies as well. But that might be later in the year and sort of looking at doing something now
  8. I am pretty sure that the belt service is now every 30,000k's or five years (which ever is first). With minor's done at 15,000k (or yearly) intervals.
  9. Oh really thats cool then. Thanks for the information its good to know these things. HOw much would a major and a minor cost?
  10. I think we might go ducati. But how much is like a yearly service cost?
  11. Couldn't say, my Monster 1200 is up to about 7,000k's and is due for it's minor in June (or 15,000k's). From memory my 1k service was about $350. So, hopefully minors are no more than that.

    The 30k service is a big one though and i'd expect no change from $1k.

    But, i think it is comparable to what you'd spend on a Jap bike anyway with 6k service intervals over the long run..
  12. Thats not bad at all really. Thanks for the info
  13. Thanks for everyone who replied. Just thought to let everyone know that went to the Ducati dealer today and bought the multistrada cant wait to pick it up!!!!!
  14. Congrats on the Multi!
  15. Thanks mate was thinking about waiting for the 2015 model but that's still sort of about 5 months away