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Cape York Panoramas

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Sly-Fox, Aug 22, 2007.

  1. Thought you might like to see a couple of panoramic images from my trip up the Telegraph Track in Cape York. Wish I'd taken a few more now as I quite like 'em!

    'Gunshot Creek'
    Full size version:

    Creek crossing via log-bridge
    Full size version:

    Camping at Nolans Brook, for the story behind this one you'll need to read the blog.
    Full size version:

    Cape York, the very top of Australia
    Full size version:

    This one isn't from Cape York, but I thought I'd include it anyway.
    Full size version:

    Full size version:

    If anyone has heavy pockets, I'm still a little short of my charitable donation target (all which goes straight to the charity), so any help would be much appreciated.

    Happy trails :cool:

    *mod edit - 3 images per post limit*
  2. Three things to say
    1) They are fantastic shots.
    2) 3 pics Per post.
    3) Multimedia.
  3. There's a bike in that second photo, it's still bike related!! :grin:

    Love that first picture, it's begging for a river crossing!!
  4. Sweet! Mind if I ask what sort of fancy lense you have for taking those?
  5. 1) Cheers!
    2) Whoops, sorry! :oops: :grin:

    No fancy lenses involved, just my Canon A710IS (small digital camera). Took them in sequence and then put them together using a thing called 'Autostitch', which is marvellous!
  6. really that sounds like a pretty cool prog. nice pics, must admit i like the look of the first one too
  7. Tremendous pics and write up :cool:

    Hope the bike is back on the road soon

    Keep us updated and all the best for the rest of the trip
  8. Great pix. Pity this whole thread will probably get discussion dumped... :(

    :idea: Jump onto PM or email and ask the admin very nicely to move the thread.
  9. love it. Ive done it in the 4x4 before but not on a bike, planning on riding up the cape next year which should be interesting
  10. Thanks for moving the thread (whoever did that :))

    Note to self: pay more attention before posting. :p

    It was certainly an eventful trip, that's for sure! Definately worth going up by bike, especially as you'll know what is coming next since you've already been up via 4x4 :)
  11. great shots!!
    and awsome thing you are doing

    will see how I go for funds but count me as another person enjoying reading your blogs

  12. Cheers! :)

    With any luck the lovely machine will be back in one piece and back on the road by early next week. Although I've said that before and been proved wrong, so I'm just crossing everything that is crossable for luck. :grin: