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Canvassing a cruiser-only ride this Sunday June 8 2009

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by chmeee5, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. Just canvassing the interest in a cruiser-only ride this coming Sunday. Given fine weather or only light showers I'm proposing the following easy-ish ride.

    Meet Warrandyte Bakery 10:00 for 10:30 start: Coffee, brekky etc
    WD - Yarra Glen via Christmas Hills
    YG to Healseville
    HV - Worri Yallock: Coffee/Smoko
    WY - Monbulk
    Monbulk - Olinda: Lunch Pie'n'chips or whatever
    OL - Lillydale
    Lillydale - Warrandyte: Finish

    Any and all suggestions regarding the route etc are most welcome.
  2. I like the concept, but have you looked at the weather forecast for the weekend?

    Sunday: Cloudy. The chance of thunderstorms in the morning. Few showers. Winds north to northwesterly averaging up to 25 km/h becoming light during the afternoon.

    Being the big wuss that I am I'm afraid I'll be sleeping in and staying warm and dry. I hope it stays clear for you though and that I end up missing out on a great day!
  3. I'm interested, if it is going to be really miserable probably not, will keep eye on weather forecast.
  4. If anyone is still interested the I'll be at Warrandyte Bakery from 10am-10:30 tomorrow - and bring a friend.
  5. Gday how did this ride end up going.many turn up? A few mates and myself went up GOR for the day coppers all over the place but all in all was a great day.
    We should try and get a ride going this weekend(Sunday) for cruisers.
  6. A couple of mates on trumpies turned up on the day and we decided to take a ride up to Flowerdale for lunch.

    After a pretty good coffee to warm things up we set off towards Kangeroo Ground.

    The cold overcast weather and damp roads added to the interest as we took a very easy ride through Panton Hill and on towars St. Andrews.

    From there is got very unnerving as we made our way through the National Park and up the hills with the utter devastation from Black Saturday all around. Rarley getting over 40kph until we were almost at Kinglake the misty conditions there gave the whole place a surreal outlook.

    We stopped at Kinglake so my mates could have a smoko and we all could get a bit of warmth back into our extremities. Had a quick chat to a couple of other bikers then set off to Flowerdale.

    Nice and easy ride again and after a while the sun came out to greet us. A fairly uneventful but well paced ride all the way to Flowerdale where we arrived just at the start of lunch in the bistro there.

    Another smoko first for the lads then a beer and a quick warming by the open fires they have there before some excellent grub.

    Another smoko and chat outside while er watched a few other bikers arrive then off for a longish looping ride around to Yea then to Yarra Glen via the Melba Highway.

    Finally stopp near Ringwood for a farewell then off home only to get absolutely drenched in the massive (but short) storm.

    All in all a very good day although the bike will need a lot of cleaning after collecting a lot of muck from the roads and other vehicles.

    I thought I'd elaborate a little to let y'all know what you missed.


    I'll be up for a cruiser ride on Sunday with the same sort of 'conditions' - namely - not raining. Post it up to see who's interested then finalise it Friday.
  7. Good Job

    Good to see someone organising the odd ride.

    Dont take our silence as disaproval!.

    It just means we have something else on, or, in my case - am working!.

    I can join another ride sometime?