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Canuck newbie to the forum

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Daddymakk, Dec 11, 2009.

  1. Just wanted to say hi.
    New to this forum but not to riding...or Australia.

    I am a stand-up comic from Canada.
    I had the pleasure of visiting your country (and a lot of its beers) in 2004-05 for a tour.
    Looking forward to coming back there on 2 wheels.

  2. Howdy, one more canuck is always welcome !
  3. Hiya...
    When u back over here?
  4. welcome bud, tell us a joke lol
  5. Thanks mate
    I look forward to coming back to your country. Had a great time. You folks are a lot like us if you study the history:
    - we are both former British colonies
    - we both have large areas that are sparsely populate
    - we both love to party
    - we are both surrounded by water.
    You guys are an island while Canada has the Arctic Ocean to the north, the Atlantic to the east, the Pacific to the west and to our south...
    a sea of ignorance.
  6. canajun, eh??? :LOL:

    Welcome :).
  7. Working on it for 2010. Just putting a big tour-project together.

    Last time there I did the Comedy Store in Sydney, The Last Laugh in Melbourne and a slew of other one night gigs I can't even remember.
    Ask for me by name at your local club...it helps.

    For those who want a joke, I have vids on my youtube and other places if you google daryl makk.
    My youtube channel. (not all vids are comedy)
  8. Welcome to the Forum mate.

    When you come Down to Oz, any plans on doing a Billy Connolly style "World Tour" of OZ, but on two wheels? (I believe Billy does it on a Trike).

    Or you could do a parody of "Long way Down" - and call it something like "Wrong way Round"

    (I expect a %$ if any of the above ideas goes ahead)
  9. I can't pay you for someone else's ideas mate.
    I will post it on another thread soon.
  10. Hi and Welcome to NR.
  11. Heya--

    I married a Calgarian, so I lived there for 2 years.

    While you're down here, do what I did -- stick around and apply for perm residency. I get year-round riding in a city where locals complain about having "bad weather" (dipping just below 10° or so in the winter - Pfft!)