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Canuck moving Down Under

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by pilotguy027, Aug 29, 2009.

  1. Hi all,

    New guy saying hi! I'll be moving down to Brisbane in Dec, so I thought I'd try to get a feel about the ins and outs of motorcycle in Australia. I've been riding for about 5 years in Canada, so one of my first things to do is get a bike down there. Cheers!

  2. Howdy, sports bikes are lot more common here than the endless plethora of V Twins from all manufacturers, that seems to be order in Canada. Also owing to fact we can ride all year around, not uncommon for a bike have 100k+ odometers. Especially your older stock on 80,s early 90's vintage. Where as my XS1100 83 Model I bought with 17k on clock in 2001. Here thats more likely to be 1-217,000.
    Apart from all that, we pretty similar to you guys, except you wont be seeing any snow unless you head weeeeell south of Brissy. Welcome :grin:
  3. Welcome to the site, and welcome to Australia when you get here, you will love riding in brisbane, all year round riding, just be prepared for when it rains there, cause it doesn't just rain, it belts down
  4. Be sure to join in on a QLD Netrider group ride sometime.
  5. Welcome Pilotguy

    So what area of C. are ya from? My kin are from NFL & Eastern provinces.

    You'll love Brissie. Great access to some awesome riding areas.

    Make sure you let us all know once you get here. :grin:

  6. we'll bring the thursday night Mystery ride to Brisvegas!

    I got the route all mapped out, though some people will need to chuck a sicky for the friday.

    actually I wonder how many of the randoms(and how far) would follow us before they realised we weren't heading back to the diner :)
  7. haha! We can drop in at my folks in Brissie. I'll tell dad to fire up the barby. :wink:

    Shall we pickup the NSW crew on the way through, Thera?

  8. Cool!

    pilotguy, you don't mind a few guests over the festive season, do you? Great way to checkout what sort of bike you might like to get. :wink:

    Thanks Thera, route looks good. We can pop over to Stafford for bbq.

  9. old mans near esk so we can pitstop for coffee before we go the long route through the mountains to sunshine coast for some prawns, bugs and muddies!
  10. 2,153 km – about 1 day 7 hours :shock: have fun :)
  11. Sure, sounds great, I'm game!
  12. it'd only be about 16-18 hours for you Goz, we'd let you lead through the Putty.

    Its a very slow ride to do that in 31 hours!