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cant tell idle rpm..tacho starts at 3000 rpm

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by mikey_mikestar, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. can someone tell me if there is a way i can hook up another tacho (one that starts from '0' ) to find out my idle rpm. my tacho starts at 3000 rpm.
    or is there a tool that i can use to check it.
    my bike is a yamaha 89 fzr250

  2. i want to do my clean and tune the carbs. the idle speed is meant to be 1600 but i cant tell this because the tacho only starts at 3000. ive only had a bike about 1 yr and dont have the ear to tell how its idling.
  3. Just set it a bit higher than stalling. :grin:
  4. thanks, gives me somethin to go on.
  5. Most mechanics have a digital tacho reader
    that hooks onto the spark plug lead.
  6. you can buy digital multimeters that have a tacho function..
  7. thanks ill check out some auto stores for 1.
  8. Take a guitar or keyboard out and find what note the bike's playing at 3200, then drop the engine down an octave. :LOL: Let me know how you go!
  9. the fact that im completely music illiterate doesnt really help me...lol.
    cos i havent been around bikes very long ill take your word that this actually works. or im just gullable
  10. my bikes a Cflat :LOL: ... oh right mikeymikemike is gullible oopsy
  11. lol, gold!
  12. yeah yeah pick on the new guy. i can take it :oops:
  13. Heh. Just set it so its not stalling and not overheating. Lower is usually better.
    It varies depending on the temperature of the bike. Anywhere between 1200-2000 is probably fine, just turn it up a bit if it struggles.

    Mines set to about 1500.
  14. It's just an idle, and bikes will handle a few extra revs if you find it smooths out your riding, or stop the nasty clacking from auto decomp.