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Cant stop playing with my bike

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by adge82, Jul 22, 2006.

  1. http://www.freewebs.com/adge82/

    Evolution of my liddle bike so far.
    I love having a garage, i just spend all my spare time in there tinkering.
  2. Oh dear..........is that a Sumoto number plate surround on there?!

    Please tell us you didn't get it at Sumoto.....
  3. Yep it is, had some issues with the bike, seems to be ok now though.

    Didnt pay through the nose for the bike though, paid around the same as everyone was asking privately.
  4. Nevertheless she looks hot. Love the kwaka green you added. I just ride mine, wish I had more time to give her the attention she deserves.
  5. I hope it isn't a dud.......Sumoto hardly have a great rep....

    Glad to hear you were ripped off, and I hope you can actually enjoy the bike!
  6. Nice looking bike.
  7. sexeh, nice changes, though i hate the double headlight look on the "a"
  8. haha if thats what u meant
  9. Its a 16YO bike that goes accordingly.
    Starts first time every morning and runs nice n smooth, makes about the right power for a zxr250 (dynoed at 38.3rwhp, not super but about right).
    I have had to do a few minor maintenance things, but nothing rediculous.

    Sumoto replaced the cam-chain tensioner for me about a month ago, probably should have been done before i got the bike, but they aknowledged it was a problem and rectified it.

    Not sure i quite understand the second part of your post, i forked out $5700 on road with an AGV Stealth lid ($399 at bikebiz), an NEX fibreglass lid ($199) and a pair of cheapo AGV sport gloves.
    For 12 months reg and stamp duty paid i think i got a reasonable deal.

    If i had known about Netrider prior to purchasing the bike i would not have walked through the front door.
    However my experience with sumoto has been ok. They still made money, i got a bike im happy with. I could have gotten a better deal if i had tried harder and looked privately, but i didnt and im not sorry for it.

  10. i think he meant, "glad you weren't ripped off" instead of were
  11. sumoto have a bad name because they have let dud bikes leave thier shop in shit condition. this does not mean all bikes are. i know someone who brought two CBR250RR's (one was actually an R) the engine went in the 1st 3 months on one and the other one was fine. it was one for him and one for his girlfriend.

    it is a very nice looking bike, and am glad te hear they have treated you well. my advice thouh, is to take that number plate surround off. especially when you upgrade and go to sell.

    love the fender eliminator, the green on black looks smick. grips are a nice touch too. very clean and sports looking. ride safe dude.
  12. Thanks for the comments guys :)

    Looking at a carbon muffler some time soon, i hope anyway.
    Sumoto frame has been gone a while, sporting a pretty Netrider one ;)
  13. oh..and i can relate to the not being able to stop playing with it. i got in shit at work for taking too many smoke breaks to stare at mine hahaha
  14. looking great, polished rims are awesome.

    wish I could do mine. but i seriously don't think I can physically do it. I have girly hands.