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Can't start my bike-I think I need a mob mechanic. Any ideas

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by campleader50, Apr 6, 2008.

  1. My VTR250 is refusing to turn over. Something to do with not taking her out enough I suspect. I have tried a battery recharge, which has worked in the past, but it just won't start. And apart from that I have no mechanical knowledge to do it myself.
    SO I think I need someone to come and help me. I'm surprised to find the RACV have pushbike and scoota roadside assistance but don't seem to do anything with motorbikes.

    Anyone know a good mobile mechanic who might wanna come to Fitzroy to start her up?
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  4. Re: Can't start my bike-I think I need a mob mechanic. Any i

    2 things to check:

    1) The bike won't turn over if the kill switch (right handlebar) is "off"

    2) The bike won't turn over if the bike is in gear with the side stand down.


    Trevor G
  5. Possibly the battery is rooted. You could try push starting.
  6. I had virtually the same problem on my GPX250

    I tried pushing starting, and, after a few attempts i got it to start. I noticed the tacho was being weird. (going backwards sorta)

    I figured i'd start the bike by jumping it from a car battery. Ran perfectly till i disconnected the jumper leads.
    I don't know if using a car battery is any good for your bike, but perhaps another bike battery could help?

    Anyway, long story short, it was a dead flat battery.
    $110 later all was good.

    Even had one of the guys from the bike shop deliver it to me and put it on a tab till i had the cash.

    :!: Props to Mornington Honda, VIC :!: