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Can't shift higher than 3rd gear

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Kellieeclipse, Apr 22, 2014.

  1. Hi. Had an issue with the drz this weekend. Both times in the dirt. Bike would shift to third gear and come back down again but then when I try to go back up it won't go past 3rd. Put in to neutral rolled it back and started again and got it going. Wondered if I somehow imagined it....
    Next day had the same problem. Went up and down a few times and eventually unjammed and went again. Oil is clean and plenty in there.....
    Any suggestions?

  2. The mechanism that turns the shift drum is a good place to start. If it's any deeper than that, sell the fcuker before it leaves you stranded...
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  3. First make sure the gear lever is not bent & hitting the case. If all good then next need to check gear change mechanism inside clutch cover. Best to remove clutch basket assembly to do this so you can turn the clutch shaft back & forth by hand to assist in changing gears. If everything still looks ok, then take out a second mortgage to pay a mechanic to split cases & repair gearbox.
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  4. Just a thought... The gear lever/linkages wouldn't be a bit loose, would they?
  5. I will check it out. Fingers crossed it is something minor.....
  6. Did you make any progress with this? I read somewhere of an issue with these gearboxes where the selector fork spring, located inside the clutch cover, can weaken and the selector arms stop working properly. It's an easy fix apparently once you get the cover off. Lay the bike on its side and you wouldn't even have to drain the oil. I've never had a DRZ but maybe what I read might help.
  7. I have been out and tried to replicate but haven't been able to.. Maybe a good thing maybe it will spring back on to me again. Also wondering is it isn't directly related to wearing mx boots and the way I shift with them?? I have only tried to replicate on the road and my road boots and the way I shift is quite different....
  8. Are you sure you were in neutral or a false neutral between 3rd and 4th?